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Posted February 20, 2007 by Geni | 4 Comments
We’ve received a deluge of emails since the Wall Street Journal article came out last week, a lot of these over the weekend–this has resulted in the largest backlog of emails ever. Since we read each and every one of the emails we receive, we ask that, if you have sent us an email, you:
  • Please do not resend the question or comment as this slows down the process of responding to others
  • Try the ‘Help’ link and the Geni Blog to see if your question has been addressed or if your suggestion has been made–if not then go ahead and email us.  Feel free to post suggestions on our Blog as we read the Blog to learn what our users are requesting
  • Last of all, thanks for your enthusiasm for Geni and thanks for your patience while we work as fast as we can to keep up with growing traffic and layer on some of the exciting features that have been requested from our members
The Geni Team


  • Jim Carlson

    It appears there is no way to add a leaf person to an existing marriage. Am I missing something?

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Is there a way to have someone’s step-children to appear in their family tree?

  • Fredrik

    I have a question, or rather suggestion for change, regarding this comment/blog site:
    Why is it so hard to find this box I am writing in now; why is it for instance not visible directly when I am linked to the blog?
    Its the first time I use it, so I might get ht ehang of it, but it was anoying to browse around archives and the likes to find a box in which to post a comment.
    other than that, great site!

  • Alex Gonzalez

    First of all I’d like to congratulate the team for a great application. I have been using it for a while and I have managed to bring some of my family members to join me. Between all we have put quite a lot of work in what I consider very valuable family history, to the point that I have started to be concerned about the possibility of losing the data.
    Given the current state of the application and the flash technology used I haven’t found a way of making a backup of all the data. It would be a nightmare to wake up one morning and discover everything is lost.
    I have become so worried that I am considering making paper copy of the data by hand and stop using geni altogether to avoid the data increasing exponentially.
    Do you have any suggestion? I may even consider paying for a premium account if it comes with data integrity guarantee.