Enhanced Privacy, Search, and Events

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Finding and staying in touch with your family on Geni is easier than ever with these recent enhancements:


Geni protects the privacy of your information by restricting who can see your profile. By default, only your Family Group and your Family’s Family can see your profile:

  • Your Family Group: These are the people you actively follow on Geni — in your Family Newsfeed, Family Photos and Videos, and Family Calendar. By default it consists of you and your spouse’s 5th cousins and closer. You can define this group by degrees of relationship, or by adding or removing people individually.
  • Your Family’s Family: These are the people in your Family Group’s Family Group. In other words, you share a family member in common with them. These people can see your profile, but you do not follow each other. You can use Geni’s privacy settings to hide some or all of your profile information from them.

No one outside these groups can see your profile. If you want your profile to be publicly visible, you can change your search settings.


Search results are now divided between profiles “Connected to You” and “Not Connected to You”:

  • “Connected to You”: These profiles are in trees directly or indirectly connected to your tree. This makes finding relatives and inlaws much easier than previously.
  • “Not Connected to You”: These profiles are in other Geni trees. You can use it to search for relatives in other trees and then seek to merge those trees. By default, only users and deceased people appear in these search results; living profiles who haven’t joined Geni yet are not searchable by the public. You can change these search settings for yourself and the profiles you’ve added.


The distinction between participant, attendee, and fans of events has been removed. Each event now has a creator and associated people. This simplifies event creation and privacy. In addition, you can now edit your family’s events to create a more complete timeline of your family history.

View your family timeline


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