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Posted January 19, 2011 by George | 11 Comments

Can you tell it’s been a busy week at Geni?  Today we released several big changes on the site, including some additional revision features and a new interface to help you keep track of the various discussions you follow.

Perhaps the biggest changes in this release are for documents and sources.  These updates will make it much easier for users to add/manage documents, including easier features to mark a document as a source for important genealogy events.

Following Public Documents

By default, your list of documents includes all documents you’ve uploaded. Now, you can add additional documents to your list by following them. You can then easily find these documents again, add them to profiles, and use them as sources.

Portfolio View and Hovercards

The documents interface has been updated to make it much easier to find and interact with your documents.  The new documents page displays your documents in a portfolio view.  Hovering over any document will produce a hovercard that displays additional information about the document, as well as buttons for performing standard actions on the document.

Uploading Documents and Adding Sources

We simplified the addition of documents by adding a lightbox to reduce friction:

Once the document is uploaded, you are immediately taken to a new lightbox where you can edit the document, tag people, and create citations.

In addition, citations are much easier to manage with the addition of a lightbox to the sources tab on profiles:

As you work with documents and citations, you’ll notice other small tweaks that make process for adding this valuable data much easier and more efficient, such as comparing sources when merging profiles and resolving data conflicts.

Post written by George

George joined the Geni team in September, 2010 as Geni's marketing director. You can find him on Twitter where he never posts but is happy to respond: @georgegeni

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  • Oystein

    Nice enhancements, but it id generally a good idea to fix bugs before you add functionality. Wide web pages are cropped when they are uploaded. It is also a good idea to answer your paying customers when they contact you about bugs, as I did many weeks ago…

    • http://twitter.com/georgegeni George Geni

      @Oysteini: When you created your ticket, you weren’t logged in to Geni so it was filtered into the regular support queue. We’ll be addressing the ticket today.

      • Oystein

        Thank you for the resoponse! Documents look much better now! I will use the contact form if I need support another time!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QX6G5QEGANGVZSWDFOSPSNUWLQ figz

    good stuff. i did notice that i was unable to save the “Collection” value.

    • http://twitter.com/georgegeni George Geni

      @figz, could you elaborate more (specific steps that led to the inability to save the Collection value?)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QX6G5QEGANGVZSWDFOSPSNUWLQ figz

        Hi George,nThe issue seems to have been fixed. The issue was 1. hover on a document, 2. click Actions, 3. click Edit Document, 4) choose a Collection (e.g. Immigration), 5) click Save. Then repeat steps 1-4 and you wouldn’t see the Collection chosen (it would still be blank.) Good to see it fixed though. Thanks!

  • Trevor

    The new layout looks great but i had some queries and comments.nnIs there any way to sort your documents by “document name”? I found this feature useful in the old layout.nnWould it also be possible to filter by documents that are in no collections? Therefore making it easier to see which documents nnWould it be possible to see more than 30 documents per page?nnTrevorn

    • http://twitter.com/georgegeni George Geni

      Hi Trevor, I’m going to run this by the engineers, thanks for the feedback!

      • Trevor

        Thanks George.nI have over 800 documents now, so any way of making it easier to filter and sort them really matters. I’ve named all the documents based on the year the event happened in i.e 1947_m_sarah.jpg. Ifound that i could list the documents chronilogically by sorting them by document title. I cant do that know and its difficult to go through the 800 documents to find a particular one.nAlso if more that 30 documents could be shown it would be ace.nI really like the new layout by the way and I hope that the comments about dont seem too negative!nI’d also like to express to gratitude to all the work the geni staff have done to date.nnThanks.ntrevor

        • http://twitter.com/georgegeni George Geni

          From one of our engineers working on this project: “The next step is making it easier to find and link to your documents, so we’ll make some improvements there. Nothing specific yet, but we’ll be making a lot of changes over the next month or two.”nnAgain, thanks Trevor!

  • Ruminak

    Can you please, please add Documents to the menu bar on the top of the page along with Photos, In-box and Profile instead of them being lost in More pull-down, which a lot of people, especially new users tend to overlook altogether. Thanks