Enhancements: Merging and More

Posted February 5, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

We've just released some nice merging and collaboration enhancements:

  • Add manager – Use the "Add manager" action under the more menu on any profile you manage to add a manager. This will send a request to the user. If they accept, they will be added as an additional manager (you can choose to make them a primary or an alternate when you send the request). You will not lose management privileges.
  • Relinquish management – When a profile has multiple managers, use the 'x' next to your name to relinquish management of the profile. If you do this you will no longer have any management privileges for that profile.
  • Resolve conflicts without choosing parents – When resolving relationship conflicts in the tree (the yellow triangle with the exclamation point) you are no longer forced to choose parents to resolve other conflicts. Use the "No change" option when choosing parents to save your changes without choosing parents.
  • Data conflict manager row – We've added a row to the data conflict table so you will know which profile data goes with which manager. This additional information can help you determine which data is correct.
  • Recently online collaborators – The collaborators settings page now includes a checkbox to include or remove collaborators from your recently online list.
  • New GEDCOM options – We've added ancestor and descendant as options when you export a GEDCOM.


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