Enhancing profile data

Posted February 11, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

The accuracy of the data on Geni is obviously
very important. Sometimes bad data is added to a profile by mistake, for
example missing a digit when entering a year of birth. Sometimes the
bad data comes from a bad gedcom file. In any case, we've taken steps in
the past to improve our error correction to prevent or eliminate bad

For example, when you upload a gedcom, we automatically mark as
deceased anyone over 110 years old. Also, when you add a living person
to the tree, we warn you if you enter a date of birth that makes the
person more than 125 years old.

However, because we have not always had these controls in place,
there are a number of profiles in the tree that are incorrectly marked
as living. Starting today, we're going to automatically mark as deceased
any living profile with a year of birth before 1880. In a few weeks,
we're going to expand this to automatically mark as deceased any living
profile with an immediate family member or descendant born before 1830.

In the coming weeks we are also going to add sources, so you can see
the documentation that supports the facts on each profile. We're very
excited about this feature and hope to have more to announce very soon.

We hope this goes a long way towards improving the quality of the
profile data and our goal of making Geni the most accurate and
comprehensive source of genealogy data in the world.


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