Family Heirlooms

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What’s your favorite aspect of genealogy? For many, one of the best parts is getting to learn the stories behind the items family members leave behind. Reaching far beyond what a census record or land deed can tell us about our ancestors, family heirlooms gives us a more personal connection to who are ancestors were as individuals.

Chances are your family has accumulated many family heirlooms throughout the years. These are a great place to either begin to learn more about your family history or a good starting point to introduce your family to the stories of your family’s past.

Take a close look at any heirlooms you may have in your possession. You never know what hidden mysteries they may reveal. For example, old lockets may hide hidden gems such as an old photo inside. Even old photos may reveal more than at first glance. Sometimes removing a framed image will reveal parts of a photo once unseen, maybe even revealing a hidden relative!

Every heirloom has a story just waiting to be shared. Do you have an old toy from your grandfather’s childhood? How about a wedding dress that once belonged to a great aunt? Gather these items and your relatives and make a family night out of swapping stories about these family treasures with each other. And record these stories to preserve for future generations. You can even take pictures of these items and record the special memories behind them right on your ancestors Geni profiles.

What are the most precious heirlooms in your family? Share their stories with us in the comments below or email us at

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