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J. Paul Getty was an American industrialist and founder of the Getty Oil Company. Getty’s father, George, was a lawyer and successful oilman, amassing a great fortune at the time of his death. After taking over the family business, J. Paul Getty’s successes in the oil industry made him one of the richest men in the world. An avid collector of arts and antiquities, Getty founded the J. Paul Getty Museum, which holds an impressive collection of art pieces from around the world.

Getty was married five times. In 1986, his son with former wife Anne Rork, Paul Getty, was awarded an honorary knighthood for his philanthropic contributions to causes ranging from the sport of cricket to the arts. In 1997, Paul became a British citizen, allowing him the privilege to use his title “Sir.”  His daughter, Aileen was once married to Christopher Wilding, the son of actress Elizabeth Taylor and British actor Michael Wilding.

J. Paul Getty had a total of fourteen grandchildren. Perhaps his most infamous grandchild is John Paul Getty III. He was the eldest son of Paul and Abigail Getty. In 1973, Getty was kidnapped in Rome and held for ransom. However, his grandfather refused to give in to the kidnappers demands and a month later Getty’s ear was mailed to the family. Eventually, Getty’s ransom was significantly reduced and paid. Getty was found alive in southern Italy shortly thereafter.

John Paul Getty III’s son, Balthazar Getty, has enjoyed a successful television career and is best known for appearing in the television series, Brothers & Sisters.

Check out J. Paul Getty’s tree and see how you’re related!

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