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Jacob Perkins

Jacob Perkins was an American inventor, mechanical engineer and physicist. He is known to have been the father of the refrigerator. He is credited with the first patent for the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle titled “Apparatus and means for producing ice, and in cooling fluids” assigned on August 14, 1835.  He had 21 American patents and 19 English patents. Perkins had created machines for cutting and heading nails at the age of 24 in 1790 and in 1795 he started a nail manufacturing business in Amesbury, Massachusetts when he was granted a patent for his improved nail machines.

Perkins created some of the best steel plates for engraving and started a printing business with engraver Gideon Fairman. He made the first known steel engraved USA books, then made currency for a Boston Bank, and later for the National Bank. He has patents for Heating and Air Conditioning technology and went into partnership with his second son, Angier March Perkins, manufacturing and installing central heating systems using his hermetic tube principle.

Details from Angier Perkins furnace and expansion tube patent

Jacob Perkins was born on July 9, 1766 in Newburyport, Massachusetts to Matthew Perkins and Jane Noyes. He married Hannah Greenleaf with whom he had nine children. His son, Angier March Perkins, was an American engineer, but worked most of his career in the United Kingdom and was instrumental in developing the new technologies of central heating. Angier Perkins’ son, Loftus Perkins, born in London also became an engineer. Loftus devoted his time to heating and refrigeration and he also contributed to the development of the steam engine. He became a partner with his father creating A. M. Perkins & Son.

Did you know Perkins 3rd great uncle was part of the Salem Witch Trials? Rev. Nicholas Noyes, Jr. acted as the official minister of the Salem Witch Trials.

Check out Jacob Perkins’ family tree and see how you maybe related!

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