Family Tree Tuesday – Mariana Victoria of Spain

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Mariana Victoria of Spain

Mariana Victoria of Spain was born on March 31, 1718 in Spain and died on January 15, 1781 in Portugal. She was the eldest daughter of Felipe V of Spain and Elisabetta Farnese. At the age of seven Mariana Victoria of Spain was engaged to the young Louis XV of France, but was rejected due to her age.

At the time of her birth, Mariana Victoria was fifth in line to the throne of Spain. In 1729 she married King Jose I, the son of João V of Portugal and became Queen of Portugal. They had eight children, four of which survived infancy, Maria I, Queen of Portugal who married Pedro III King of Portugal, Infanta Mariana Francisca, Infanta Doroteia and Benedita, Princess of Brazil who married Jose, Prince of Brazil. Jose was Mariana Victoria’s grandson, this marriage was organized by Mariana Victoria herself after the death of her husband. Infanta Mariana Francisca and Infanta Doroteia remained unmarried as Mariana Victoria refused the marriage arrangements that were offered.

King Jose I decided to allow his wife to take his place as head of government after having suffered a series of strokes. Mariana Victoria was created Regent of Portugal in her husbands name on November 29, 1776 until her husband’s death on February 24, 1777. When King Joseph I died, his eldest daughter Maria I became  the first queen regnant. Mariana Victoria was very influential throughout her daughter’s reign.

Mariana Victoria helped bring about a treaty between Portugal and Spain which was ruled by her older brother Carlos III at the time, two countries had been in conflict regarding territorial possessions in the Americas. The treaty was secured by the double marriage between their grandchildren.

Did you know that Mariana Victoria’s great-grandson Pedro I of Brazil became the first emperor of Brazil?

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