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Posted December 10, 2007 by Geni | One Comment

Some time ago we received this comment from a user:

“A major drawback of Geni to me is that the family
tree is visible only once you log in. This means that it is harder to
use or flaunt Geni as embedded in another website or to sell it to other people who don’t get to see how it looks until they agree to
become members or I add them to my tree along with their email addresses.

It should be okay to show a read-only version of the tree on a
public profile page that can be linked to, and to show it only if I
select to have it made public.”

We think that this is a great suggestion and are close to making this a reality. Currently you can share your Geni tree by printing a copy or exporting it as a GEDCOM file. Soon you will be able to share a limited view of your tree with others. We’d like to get your feedback on this feature before we release it.

There are two ways you will be able to share your tree:

  1. Embed the tree into a webpage such as a your blog or your profile on a social network such
    as Facebook.
  2. Send someone a link to your own private URL which displays:
    • Your shared tree (see below).
    • Your profile photo and name
    • Send Message and Add to Friends buttons.

Here is what a shared tree will look like (you will have the same zoom and pan controls as on Geni):


Here are the options to customize your shared tree:

Tree type

  • Pedigree view (direct ancestors only)
  • Immediate family
  • Immediate family and pedigree view
  • Extended tree (first cousins)

Display type

  • Standard
  • Vertical
  • Photos Only
  • Names Only


  • Small (300×250)
  • Medium (400×300)
  • Large (600×400)
  • Tall (600×800)
  • Custom

Name display

  • First name and last initial (Jane S.)
  • First name (Jane)


  • Hide children under 18
  • Hide profile photos
  • Mark deceased

Here are the privacy rules that will apply:

  • You choose where to display your shared tree.
  • Your shared tree cannot be edited by anyone.
  • Last names and profile information are not shown.
  • Other branches of your tree are not accessible.
  • Only publicly viewable profile photos are shown.
  • You can choose to hide minors.
  • You can deactivate your shared tree at any time.

We think that this is a great way for you to share your family tree while respecting your family’s privacy. Please let us know what you think.

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