Featured Project – Legendary Heroines

Posted December 24, 2010 by Geni | One Comment

About a week ago, one of our Pro users, Malka Mysels, offered to do a write up for one of the projects she started, hoping to get others just  as excited about joining her project.

Start your adventurous genealogical journey by experiencing past worlds. Stroll through the annals of world history to meet the remarkable ancestors upon whose stalwart shoulders we stand today.

In this featured project, we will encounter the influence and persuasiveness of the Feminine Mystique’s power through the ages. Each heroine  personifies outstanding attributes of their times to help you capture the spirit of the times, and the mood of the moment.

Be awed by the transcendental  qualities of the Breathtaking, Bold, Brave Women of the Sacred Scriptures, and  the Powerful Women Icons of Ancient/Classical Civilizations and Dynasties.

Admire the Zealous, Valiant, Spirited, Pioneering, Wise Women of the Middle Ages who paved the way for the Passionate, Creative, Revolutionary, Luminary Renaissance Thinkers.

Finally, revel in the victories of  the newly empowered Liberated Femme Fatales of the previous century,
champion crusaders of Liberty, unbridled Free Spirits who  campaigned so that we should be able to enjoy
our new Millennium free of all gender challenges in an Altruistic, Unconventional, Boundary Breaking 21st Century.

By transporting you back through time, genealogy can thus enable you to resuscitate the past “virtually” by  adding descendants to your ancestors, or visa versa discover your the original progenitors of your family.

Please note, to meet the bright new living legends of tomorrow, just catch another project preview.

Enjoy your tour, and we hope to see you again.

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  • Rachel

    Very interesting, Malka. Thanks for sharing! nnRachel van Hest