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Today’s featured project aims to identify and trace the genealogy of Pirates and Privateers on Geni. We’ve all heard tales of dreadful pirates and heroic privateers, but what actually distinguishes a pirate from a privateer? Acts of piracy are categorized as war-like acts committed by private parties that engage in acts of robbery and/or violence at sea. Privateers practice similar methods, however, the most important distinction is that they are authorized by governments to attack foreign ships. Do you have any pirates or privateers in your family tree?

Check out a few of the profiles included:

Captain William Kidd – He was a Scottish sailor best remembered for his trial and execution for piracy. While legends of his piracy were notorious, modern historians believe there is evidence that he was actually a privateer.

Blackbeard – He is one of the most notorious English pirates who sailed around the West Indies during the early 18th century.

Anne Bonney – She is one of the most famous female pirates, who sailed in the Carribean.

Sam Bellamy – Known as “Black Sam,” Bellamy was an English pirate in the early 18th century. He was known for showing mercy and generosity toward those he captured.

Sir Frances Drake – Drake was an English sea captain and privateer. His success as a privateer made him a hero to the English, however a pirate to the Spaniards. He is most famous for leading the first English circumnavigation of the world.

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