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Posted August 23, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Earlier this month we announced that we were giving all users access to enhanced relationship paths for the month of August. Last week we showed you how to find famous relatives in three easy steps. But what if you want to see if two notable figures, such as Barack Obama and James Madison, are related to each other? Here’s how to find the relationship between two profiles:

  1. Click the green thumbtack on the top right of the first profile (to the right of “You are connected to…”)
  2. Click the “How are they related? button on the second profile
  3. Look for the green notification strip once we’ve found the relationship

It’s that easy! The result will look something like this: President James Madison is President Barack Obama’s third cousin 8 times removed!

You can use this to find relationships between any two profiles on Geni (that you have permission to view). Don’t forget to click the thumbtack again when you are done to set our relationship calculator back to your profile.

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