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Posted May 24, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Discussions are a great way to communicate with other Geni users, whether you are having a private family discussion or a public discussion with the entire Geni community.

Whether you are viewing your family discussions or public discussions, you can now choose to view all discussions or just the discussions you are following.

Note that you will never see a family discussions started by someone that is not in your family.

By default you follow all discussions started by your family and your collaborators. If you’re not interested in a particular discussion you can unfollow it. The discussion will no longer appear in your list of followed discussions and you will not be notified of new replies.

Most users will want to use the filter to only see discussions that they are following. We recommend scanning the list of all discussions occasionally to see if there are any new discussions you may be interested in.

View all public discussions


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