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Data Drill Down

Every statistic now includes a link to drill down into that data behind the chart or tag cloud. You can even click on the chart itself to view the profiles for a particular piece of data – a slice of a pie or bar chart or a name in a tag cloud. For example, here is the Country of Birth chart for my blood relatives:

From this chart I can:

  • View the list of all of my blood relatives that have country of birth entered, sorted by birth location.
  • Click on a particular slice, such as Poland, to view only profiles with that country of birth.
  • Use the add missing data link to fill in the country of birth on profiles that don’t have one entered.
  • Consolidate the US and USA slices by selectig the US slice and then changing the birth locations to USA right from the drill down list.

These are just some ideas to get you started using this new feature. We’d love to hear how you use it.

Free Family Statistics

In order to give all users more access to the data drill down lists we’re giving away all 15 Family Group statistics for free. This includes 12 statistics that were previously available only to Pro users such as Country of Birth, Most Common First Name, and Oldest & Youngest Living. Viewing Statistics for your Blood Relatives and Ancestors is still a Pro only feature.

View Your Statistics


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