Free Relationship Paths for Everyone!

Posted July 31, 2010 by Geni | 6 Comments

A relationship pathway is the list of people and relationships that connect you to another person in your tree. All Geni users can view the relationship pathway between close relatives. One benefit of upgrading your account to Geni Pro is enhanced relationship paths. These are paths to more distant relatives, friends, historical figures, and celebrities.

We’re giving away enhanced relationship pathways to all Geni users for the month of August.

To find a path between you and a distant profile, click the “How are you related?” button on the profile.

We’ll start searching your relatives and the profile’s relatives to see if you have any in common.

You do not have to stay on the profile during the path search. You can continue using Geni and, if a path is found, we’ll post an alert to whatever Geni page you’re on.

Click the “Click here to view the path” link to view the relationship pathway.

Use the “share this path” link on the bottom right to share the pathway with your friends and family. You can share the path on Twitter or Facebook, or just share the URL with friends.

Remember, enhanced relationship pathways are free for all users for the month of August, and there is no limit to the number of paths you can find. If you’re interesting in finding paths to historical figures and celebrities, our list of popular profiles is a great place to start.

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  • Rob

    Should this be working now, or will it take time to roll out? I can’t see the “How are you related” button, only the usual strip with “This is the public profile for …” and the pin at the right.

  • Mini Okie

    I don’t see the “How are you related” button either. I find it very hard to get around on Geni. Even this page does not help tell where all the blogs for this topic is located.

  • Margaret Smith


  • Carol

    I don’t see the “How are you related” button either. It’s free for the month of August, but a week has all ready gone by. Won’t someone at Geni help us?

  • Geni

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. You will only see the “How are you related?” button on profiles you are connected to. If you haven’t yet merged your tree with other trees, this may be a small group of profiles.

  • PETE

    The GENI explanation of when to see the “How are you related?” button is clear as mud to us common GENI folk. If this is an example of the confusion in GENI PRO features one is wise to avoid upgrading as the features aren’t either debugged or capable of coherent explanation if possibly workable.