Funny and Unusual Names in the Family Tree

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Have you found any funny or unusual names during your genealogy research? Naming trends change and evolve over time, so what may seem odd-sounding to us today, may not have been so strange at the time. Nevertheless, we still get a good chuckle when we come across one of these names as we think to ourselves, “what were they thinking?”

Funny and Unusual Names in the Family Tree

Check out some funny and unusual names we found in Geni’s World Family Tree!

1. Experience Bliss

2. Fanny Rash

3. Honest Hunt

4. Thankful Coffin – her maiden name was Joy

5. Ernest Crapper – along with a sister named Fanny and a brother, Harry!

6. Patience Peacock

7. Hopestill Butterworth

8. Winter Frost – these parents had fun naming their children, Winter also has sisters, Snow and White

9. Cutting Moody

10. Fear Fish

11. Minnie Leeks

12. Pleasant Bottom – her mother’s name was Unity

13. Logan Berry

14. Waitstill Death

15. Hatevil Nutter

16. Charity Fudge

17. Constant Graves – he was the husband of Comfort Graves

18. Civility Rubottom

19. Comfort Starr

20. Faithful Slaymaker

What are some funny or unusual names in your family tree?

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