Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s the start of a New Year! Now is the best time to set your genealogy goals for 2017.

Genealogy New Year's Resolutions

Check out a few New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started in 2017:

  • Take a DNA test and add your test results to your family tree on Geni
  • Finally break through that troublesome brick wall in your family tree
  • Visit the graves of your ancestors and take photos of their tombstones to add to their profiles
  • Order that microfilm that you’ve been meaning to do
  • Make a trip to the local archives to do some hands-on research
  • Share your genealogy findings more often with your relatives and get them to join in the search
  • Attend at least one genealogy conference
  • Connect with new and distant relatives
  • Scan and organize all your photos and documents and upload them to Geni
  • Do more family interviews, especially with your older relatives
  • Expand your interests and collaborate on some of the unique genealogy projects on Geni
  • Take a genealogy trip to visit some place significant to your family history

What are your genealogy New Year’s resolutions? Share them with us in the comments below!

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