GeneDroid: A Geni Client for Android Phones

Posted August 4, 2011 by Geni | 9 Comments

I took some time recently to sit down with the folks at MobiWolf to talk about their wonderful Geni client for Android phones called GeneDroid. If you use an Android device, take a moment to read through this Q&A. And of course, we’d love for you to check out GeneDroid for yourself.

What does GeneDroid offer?
Access to the biggest genealogy database Geni from your handset.

GeneDroid – it is an easy to navigate family tree, based on a well-known service Geni.

Version 0.3 allows to link Geni profiles with your Android’s contacts!
The main features of the program:

· Family tree view and navigation
· Demonstrate family tree to your friends and relatives
· Read information about the family members in their native language

To start to enjoy the program you should have a free account on You have to log in using the username and password from your account in Geni. Then you will be shown the family tree with the easy navigation on it. If you click on the current tree element (the badge), you’ll see the detail information about this person.
GeneDroid is a great opportunity for Android smartphones users to get connection with a leading service platform for genealogy. Interestingly, Geni users from around the world work together to build a single, comprehensive family tree. Your tree will grow quickly, because now the system has more than 50 million profiles registered.

GeneDroid – is actually the first Android application that uses Geni data.

Of course, we can have many different functions to implement in the next versions of GeneDroid, that is why we are looking forward to listen for user feedbacks and try to implement the most popular requests.

Thus we plan the following additional features for the next update:

· Display photos of each family tree member
· Connections drawing
· Show additional information in the profile

As a postscript: To know your lineage means to respect your family history and be proud of it, transforming your ancestries’ experience and achievements in the progress and dignity of your children and grandchildren!

What is the background of Mobiwolf?
Mobiwolf gives an opportunity to it’s customers to be modern and progressive. The company generates and realizes idea about the coolest Android and IPhone Applications.

IT projects and software development outsourcing can become the most successful business process with the help of Mobiwolf, enabling custome’s company to create highly competitive solutions with considerable cost reduction and in shorter project time and other outsourcing benefits.

The company was established in Kyiv (Ukraine) by enterprising Professionals with a strong IT background. Mobiwolf’s high skilled team is committed to provide most cutting-edge mobile solutions for its clients from the USA and Europe.

How does someone install your app?
Application can be installed directly from the Android Market.
What phones will it work on? What version of the operating system is needed?
It works on Android smartphones. It requires Android OS 2.1 and higher.

What about Android tablets?
It works on tablets.
What’s next for Genedroid?
Here’s what is coming soon:
1. Editing data on device
2. Two way synchronization
3. Photo and video browser
4. Photo and video uploading
5. Reading geni streamline
6. Uploading documents

Many thanks to the MobiWolf folks for taking the time to answer these questions. Check back for more featured Geni partners in the coming weeks!