Geni Helps New Mom Share Her Joy with Entire Family

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As Geni continues to add new features to help our users stay in touch with their family, new parents in particular are finding Geni to be a convenient, efficient, and fun way of sharing their baby updates. Kristina Endraske, a 27 year-old first time mom, gave birth to Kaleb Dean Endraske on April 5, 2008. Kristina explains below how Geni helps her to share her experience with her loved ones even with her busy schedule.


If you are a new parent and you have not visited, you are definitely missing out. The site is a must for new moms and dads. My husband and I welcomed our first child into this world two months ago and ever since then I have been amazed at how fast 24 hours can go by. I desperately wanted to share this new season in my life with everyone whom I love but unfortunately, physical distance and the lack of time and energy were my largest culprits. is my perfect solution.

Geni has numerous attractive features that are conducive to my new “mommyhood”. Because I have somewhat of a large extended family, it is virtually impossible to talk to each relative on a daily or even weekly basis. Moreover, some family members physically live too far, which has added to the difficulty of staying in contact with them. The features Geni offers have allowed me to share baby Kaleb news on a daily basis with all family members without having to make 30 plus phone calls or driving across the country. When you haven’t had a full nights rest in months, these features are a life saver. My new found friend is “efficiency” and that is exactly what these features offer. My personal favorite is the Latest News feature because it seems to be an appropriate place to put brief updates (i.e. Kaleb’s first smile, his current weight/height, etc.). The best part is that contrary to e-mailing, you do not have to physically designate each recipient every time that you send a message. Instead, your “Latest News” is posted on each relative’s Home page under their “Family News.” How brilliant!

I have to say that Geni won my heart with its “user friendly” feature to upload pictures. Lets just say that I am a picture-taking queen that is not mechanically savvy. O.K., that was too nice! I am obsessive with taking pictures and I am lucky if I can even figure out how to take the memory card out of the camera to have the opportunity to upload the pictures. Geni has made the uploading process simple and quick, which has allowed me to share pictures of Kaleb within minutes of taking them. I am a proud mommy and I am thankful for the unlimited space that Geni has designated for pictures. In the first two weeks after Kaleb was born, I think that my husband and I had taken close to 1,000 pictures… yes we are first time parents! The ability to create albums and personalize each picture has helped me to keep the pictures organized and truly made it special for loved ones to have insight into this journey with our precious son.

From posting daily news to uploading priceless Kodak moments, Geni has been a “vehicle” for me to share the joy of my son with my loved ones, near and far, young and old. What is amazing is that I haven’t had to sacrifice hours of rest or time with Kaleb to accomplish this. I feel like “Super Mom” thanks to Geni!


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