Geni Podcast: A User’s Perspective with Don Otvos

Posted April 20, 2011 by Geni | 6 Comments

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Today we sit down with Don Otvos to talk about why Geni is so compelling to him. He tells a great story about connecting with long lost relatives, and how Geni helped them collaborate with each other.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do with Geni, take a moment to listen to what Don has to say. I think you’ll be pretty impressed.


  • Don Otvos

    Thanks for the opportunity to share how much Geni has helped me with researching and managing my family tree! I am so grateful that Kip Parker found that note and thanks to Geni I am connected to a line of my family I didn’t even know existed.

  • Timgega

    Cuz,nCool interview. Now “Geni” let me hear your voice for the first time.nThanks again for all your devoted and hard work to bring the sum of our parts into a whole Family again.nLove, Cuz Tim


    I would very much like to know how Don Otvos is related to my Grandfather Enoch Edgar Yowell. I found that Don Otvos has posted info re Grandfather Yowell on Geni. nI am Jimmy Yowell, Jimlyowell@gmail.comy

    • Anonymous

      Forwarding this to Don.

    • Don Otvos

      Junior or Senior? :)nnThe relation is on my cousin’s husband’s side. My cousin is married to a Haustveit and his great grandfather is Enoch Edgary Yowell Sr.

      • Ann Craft

        Is your cousin Deann Haustveit, married to Curtis Dean Haustveit?  Curt is my nephew, son of Barbara Nadean Yowell Haustveit and Curtis Stanton Haustveit (Now both deceased.)

        The Jimmy Yowell above is my first cousin, son of William and Floy Yowell.  Enoch Edgar Yowell was our Grandfather.

        I am Ann (Betty Ann) Yowell Kelley Craft, daughter of Madelene (Jewel Madelene) Parvin Yowell and Cecil Yowell.

        In reading the Yowell geneology you have posted, I notice several errors in names/dates/locations.  If you would care to contact me, I will be glad to give you more accurate information.

        You can reach me by e-mail at