Geni remembers the du Ponts at Longwood Gardens

Posted February 7, 2011 by Geni | No Comment

I live in Delaware. The du Pont family is extremely influential here. Their family completely proliferates through our community. Not far into Pennsylvania is one of the du Pont family’s greatest gifts to our country: Longwood Gardens.

Founded by Pierre S. du Pont, this wonderfully lush botanical garden is available year round for a nominal fee for maintenance. Featuring acres of gardens, a huge conservatory, the historical Pierce-du Pont house, and a full gift shop, this is a huge tourist destination. Spend a few minutes in the lobby, and you’ll hear quite a few different languages. Longwood Gardens is world renowned.

If you’re interested in the genealogy of the du Pont family, please take a look at the du Pont Family Project on Geni. You might even find some interesting connections to the World Family Tree.