Geni Tips: Resize Photos in the Family Tree

Posted September 16, 2016 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Genealogists love old family photos. It’s great when we can share these photos with loved ones in the family tree. Photographs lets us place a face with the names in the tree. When adding photos, have you ever found yourself a little frustrated when the photograph doesn’t quite appear the way you want? Below we’ll show you how to easily solve this simple problem in the tree.

In your family tree, navigate to the person whose photo you want to resize. On the node, click ‘more’ to reveal more options.

Geni Tips: Resize Photos in the Family Tree

From the list of options, select “Resize photo.”

Geni Tips: Resize Photos in the Family Tree

Drag and resize the green square on the photo to frame the person’s face.

Geni Tips: Resize Photos in the Family Tree

To the right, you will be able to see what the current thumbnail looks like and what the photo will look like in the tree after saving your changes. From here, you can also upload a new photo for the profile. If the photograph has more than one person in it, you can identify and resize the photo for them too. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click “Submit.”

Geni Tips: Resize Photos in the Family Tree

And now your tree will look even better!

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  • Ashley

    My one disappointment is that this doesn’t work for me on my tablet. Even though I can resize crop tools on other sites, I can’t do it on Geni. I’m not sure what the difference is or if there’s some trick I’m missing, but I always end up having to download the picture from Geni, crop it in my tablet’s editor, then upload. Since I can do it on other sites, I wonder if there’s something that can be done to make it possible here?

    • geniblog

      What kind of tablet are you using?