Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

Posted June 4, 2015 by Amanda | 14 Comments

One of the greatest things about being connected to Geni’s World Family Tree is the ability to see how you are related to other people connected to the tree, including your favorite celebrities and historical figures. It’s always fun to discover that George Clooney is an 8th cousin or that Elvis Presley is your 9th cousin once removed.

But what if you wanted to know how George Clooney is related to Elvis Presley? On Geni you can do that easily!

Let’s start at George Clooney’s profile.

Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

On the profile page, click on the green push-pin in the yellow box.

Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

This will enable you to find relationships from this profile to other profiles connected to the World Family Tree.

Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

Next, we will view Elvis Presley’s profile. Here we see the message that George Clooney is connected to Elvis Presley. Click the large blue button labeled “How are they related?” to find out how.

Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

Geni will then find the relationship path between them and display how they are related. In the image below, we can see that Elvis Presley is George Clooney’s 11th cousin thrice removed! From here, you can click the “Share this Path” link to show off the relationship path to your family and friends.

Geni Tips: See How Other People Are Related

When you’re done looking at paths for others, just click on the green push-pin again and it will revert back to your profile for path searches.

Now you know how to find the relationship paths between anyone in Geni’s World Family Tree, which connects over 100 million people! Try it out on some of our most popular public profiles on Geni.

Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Marketing Communications Manager at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • kevintostado

    Are there any way with the “How are they related” tool to ignore connections by marriages and only look for the closest blood-relative path? I have a lot of Ashkenazi ancestry, and I’m looking for blood connections in family trees, but it often preempts those paths with shorter paths linked through a marriage.

    • Osborn Hogevik


      I don’t know the answer but I think it a very good question and I am too trying to find a way to use the tool for blood-relatives only.

      • geniblog

        We typically show the shortest path to you. So if a marriage relationship is closer than the blood relationship, we will show that one.

        • jamieob256

          Is there any way to show the longer path rather than the shorter path?

          • geniblog

            Hi, not at this time.

  • Petri Laasonen

    Please, look enlosed picture.
    How it possible?
    Path goes trough my wifes family to my parents and then start
    to go right path.. Maybe?
    Geni have been updated about 2 weeks ago,
    since then we have this problem.


  • Evelyn N.

    How do I upload a DNA test done at Ancestry? I have tried and failed to find a link other than order a new DNA test. I have the raw data.

    • geniblog

      Hi Evelyn, you can upload your raw DNA data on the DNA tab of your profile. Under the Autosomal DNA section, click the button “Upload Your Autosomal DNA Results.” Or you can also use this link

      • Evelyn N.

        I uploaded the raw data from Ancestry, but do not see it in Geni to verify ancestry.

        • geniblog

          I see your results were uploaded successfully. The data is being stored for now as we complete work that will include them in future DNA matches. Unfortunately, the work is taking a little longer than anticipated, but as soon as it is completed, we’ll notify you of new DNA matches. We’re sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience during this time.

          • Evelyn N.

            thank you. I just wanted to be sure the data was uploaded.

  • E Rice

    I would like to see if I have any Dutch relation or even with Queen Julianna? I notice there isn’t any reference in the Celebreties and Famous people. Could someone tell me how to access this information?

  • geniblog

    Please see our FAQ on how to do a search for profiles