Geni Financing Announcement

Posted March 7, 2007 by Geni | 12 Comments

Geni is pleased to announce that it has raised $10 million in additional financing from venture capital firm Charles River Ventures (CRV). George Zachary of CRV will join the board of Geni. We will use the financing to expand our product development efforts.


  • Geni in a bottle

    Suggestion: an easy way to collapse/expand part of a tree, in the same way as you can collapse part of a mindmap (such as MindManager).
    This helps tremendously in navigation.

  • Editt

    This is all very nice, but if the advertising idea doesn’t go well, and you ever shut down operations, what kind of commitment does Geni have to the users and their data? Will you agree to give a warning, and means to download the data?

  • zhen sun

    many congrats on the investment. read a post about geni on mark seremet’s blog, and out of curiosity, just pop in and check you guys out. well done, folks

  • Steve

    Congratulations on your Series B funding. You deserve it!

  • Leah M. Moore

    There are MANY errors in the relationships of my FAMILY on the FILE column. For instance : My Father is listed as my Father but he is also listed as his own BROTHER…A NIECE is listed as a 1st.. Cousin once removed . there should be a way that we can correct such errors. I thought that when they were put in on the TREE they would correct themselves, not so. HELP

  • Chembolli Sukumaran

    There are some interesting facts like, for example, the origin of the family which can be of interest to all the family members. Is there anyway to post such comments so that it is available to all members?

  • David

    Hey! That’s great news! Congrats to all!

  • Øyvind Østmo

    Good stuff! Love the service. What I miss is some kind of visual clue of who are alive/deceased in the tree. It’s hard to keep track and update the way it is now.
    So if you could use a couple of dollars on that I would appreciate it!

  • Johan

    Great news, now you can take away those Google AdSense banners!
    It has been long proven that advertising on ‘social’ sites doesn’t work. I would be happy to pay for a banner-free service. And I do consider alternatives if you won’t remove the advertising.

  • Grant

    Congrats, fellas. VC is certainly awesome.

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