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Posted March 21, 2007 by Geni | 7 Comments

Now that Geni Forum is up and running and there is a link at the bottom of every Geni page and another one on the sidebar of this page,  we’d like to ask you to direct your questions, requests and discussions there.   The Geni team monitors the Forum regularly.  Additionally many Geni users hang out there and offer solutions to questions others present.  It’s a great place to meet other Geni users, swap stories and even get to know some of the folks here at Geni.

With the Forum in place we can now use this Blog primarily for Geni announcements.


  • Petra Spithost

    Hello Geni-team!
    With this much hours spend completing our tree I almost feel related to you ;-). No seriously.. we have a lot of fun adding familymembers to the tree. We speak to family-members we never new we had… find them on other internet communities etc. My dad visits nieces en nephews he hasn’t spoken for years and the go down memory-lane ofcourse ;-).
    I like every update on geni so far. Still would really like to get a more advanced search option in my tree!! (search all the 5023 members alone would be nice and also get too many results even when I search for a specific name).

  • Petra Spithost

    Me again… with 5478 people in the tree it sometimes happens you invite a person and they seem interested, but have tried to get into geni with the small webform on the homepage. Ofcourse they would like to get in our tree if they are a family-member, but you can’t use the same e-mailadress again. What would be the easiest way to get them out of the system with only there own adress so I can invite them?
    Furthermore there is one person who joined the tree on my invitation because he was curious but wants to be removed (as soon as possible!). He doesn’t want to get into geni himself… and I can’t remove him.. help!

  • Petra Spithost

    Perhaps a nice feature for the future… give two names in your tree and get the connecting family-members…
    Our tree is so big that it would be nice (beside an advanced search option!) to get some (printable) reports and visual routes etc.
    I loose the overview sometimes adding a couple of hundred people a day… These ideas will probably help a lot.

  • Hani

    Hi Geni,
    I have a problem my Father and his brother married my Mother and her sister (could not pass on a great thing!) I cannot capture this on the tree, any suggestions?

  • Geni Team

    Please send your question to You may also want to check the Geni Forum (there’s a link in the sidebar)

  • Doug

    I needed to invite a distant relative to my tree, but since I did not know where she fit into the tree, I had to list her somewhere to give her access to the site, so I listed her as my sister in the tree, thinking I could just delete it later once she signed on and entered herself in the correct location.
    Once she logged in and entered herself in the proper location, I tried to delete the box that showed her as my sister, but it will not let me delete her from there once she signed on. However she tells me it will not let her delete herself from that position either.
    How can she delete herself from that position? There are no more descendants listed from her in that position, but it still will not let her delete herself.

  • JB

    I can’t do anything in Geni anymore because it moves along so slowly. The more names I add, the slower it gets. My son-in-law thinks it’s because I use a Mac. Is that why?