Geni Forum is Open!

Posted March 13, 2007 by Geni | 9 Comments

We’re happy to announce that the Geni Forum is open–it’s a place for users of Geni to discuss how to build (and make the most out of) their family tree.  Soon there will be a link at the footer of every Geni page but until then you can find us by clicking this link to the Geni Forum.


  • Evorgleb

    Glad to see you guys have forums! is such a great idea! I just did a blog post about over on Highbrid Nation if you want to check it out. I look forward to building my tree and maybe meeting some new family members along the way. I think the site has a great future.

  • Tony Williams

    Just a couple of suggestions. You asked that they be posted here as comments.
    You need some extra fields. At least a note field for all entries and a previous name field would be good for both name changes and maiden names. At the moment I have to put Williams nee Arthur, for example. I found a need for a note field when i did some searches and came up with registration IDs for some death and marriage registrations without being able to see the whole registration entry. I would have liked to record the ID in the profile.
    Second, it would be good if personal profiles were a little more freeform so that they could contain more personal information. It would also be good if the personal profiles of my entries could be edited by me until such time as that person has joined.
    It is, howver, a marvelous tool. I look forward to some great improvements over the beta period since you’ve done great work getting it this far.
    # Tony

  • bree

    I’d like to see the bio box expanded – I’m using it to record information that doesn’t “fit” in your record fields, and to note sources for information. A freeform ‘notes’ area would take care of this.
    A citations option for all personal data would also be useful (so you could perhaps attach the original files if you have scanned birth certificates, or include links to web sources, or even just say ‘my aunt May told me so’). My genealogist mother-in-law was aghast that there was no way to track and cite sources, and I’ve found as I go along that it would be helpful to have a better system for tracking just how I found out certain scraps of information.
    Related to that, the ability to add in notes when there is conflicting information would be useful. In some cases, dates of birth, death, even marriage vary depending on the source (quality of records, etc.) If there was the ability to set the most likely info as ‘primary’ data, but also include the other info for reference, it would help when going back to research (some old census records, for example, might show someone as being a year or even two older or younger than they really were).

  • Jan Liebe-Harkort

    I put up this question/problem some weeks ago but haven’t as yet got no answer, so I’ll try again. When you changed the layout of the basic profile, all the data which I’d entered in the fields for ‘place of death’ now are shown in the fields for ‘location’. I would like to know if you will change it back or if I have to go into the profile of every one of my deceased forefathers and -mothers and change the death data into the new place. Has nobody else complained about this?
    By the way you should do something about this commentbox: Every time I entered a slash or apostrophe I got thrown out of the box.
    Keep the good work up.
    Jan Liebe-Harkort

  • syd

    The forum’s registration password email isn’t being sent out.

  • William (Bill) Robertson

    I have my exwife as my wife’s former wife!
    Can you tell me how I can edit this out?
    I don’t know if there is a problem with the software or if I somehow entered it incorrectly but I can not remove or change the info.

  • mariannedag

    help! When i first signed into our tree i used the name me because i fooloshly believed it was centered on me. Now the whole family has logged on and me keeps coming up although I have edited my profile and changed my name. What to do?

  • Regina Machado Duarte Gomes ribeiro

    I’m with a big problem! My aunt joined GENI and added her name in a wrong status. She appeares as her father’s wife! We tried all possobilities to get thing right but it is impossible to correct her status. Now part of my tree is confused!!! Please let me know how to fix it, and how can she delete herself and then I add her correctly! She already tried to delete herself and there is nowhere to do so! Please help me!
    Thks a lot!

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