Geni’s 12 Days of Christmas – Get 25% Off a Geni Gift Membership!

Posted December 15, 2011 by Amanda | 57 Comments

Looking to make the most out of your family gatherings this holiday season? Geni is celebrating the holiday season with our exclusive 12 Days of Christmas promotion. For the next 12 days, we’re giving you the chance to give a Geni gift membership to anyone on your tree for 25% off!

A Geni gift membership is the perfect opportunity to get your family to help you with your research and fill in the blanks on your family history! With their gift membership, your loved one will have access to all of Geni’s helpful, time saving tools, including unlimited tree merges, enhanced search, premium support and much more.

Hurry – this special holiday discount is valid until December 27, 2011, so be sure to claim your 25% discount before it expires!


Click here for 25% off a Geni Gift Membership


Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Social Media Coordinator at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • David

    Can you give the gift to yourself?

    Will the gift renew each year if you buy a one-year gift?  And at which price?

    Can you use Paypal?

    • Anonymous


      You will not be able to use PayPal to purchase a subscription at this special holiday discount.

      • David

        That’s a shame.

      • David

        Thanks – and how do you upgrade yourself at a discount f you haven’t got the email from Geni with the coded link?

  • David

    Do gist memberships generally renew each year automatically?  If so, how do you stop a gift membership renewing automatically if you don’t want it to?

    • Anonymous

      Hi David,

      The gift subscription will not automatically renew. If they would like to continue with a premium subscription, they can update their premium account settings here

      • David

        Thanks geniblog.  If the recipient wants to continue to renew, will each renewal be at the same discount price?  I ask because I think I read somewhere that once you go Pro you always have the option to renew at the original price.

        • Anonymous

          If the recipient wants to continue with the subscription, they will renew at the regular price.

          • David

            Does that also apply if someone upgrades themselves at the discount price?

  • Kwaśniewski

    No way! You change rules to often: free tree, free basic tree, not free… so I don’t trust you.

  • David

    It appears you can upgrade yourself for 25% off through

    • David

      Help – it seems that link doesn’t give you the discount unless you get to it through an email from Geni - Limited-Time Offer: Get 25% OFF a Geni Premium Account

      How do you upgrade your own account with 25% off if you don’t have the emailed link?

      • Anonymous

        You must use the link provided in the email to receive the discount.

  • dp

    Not sure you ever answered whether you can give the gift to yourself. For that kind of discount, I’d be down for a lifetime membership…

  • Eike Urke

    Hi, I cannot see the 25% discount even if i go in via email. Where is it? I only see the discount the Geni has had for the whole of the last month. Annual fee sth like 95 dollars. Cheers, Eike

    • Anonymous

      Hi Eike,

      You will need to click on the link provided in the email to receive the discount. When you select the subscription type you would like, the discounted price should appear on the page.

      • Eike Urke

        Thank you so much for replying. BUT I see the offer on the plan in the email but when I click on it, the website does not show it. :-( 
        The pict on the left is from e-mail and pict on the right is from website.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the screenshot. We’re looking into it.

        • Anonymous

          This should be fixed now. Can you please try again?

          • Eike Urke

            Thank you, something has changed BUT
            Email offer says:
            Most PopularProStarting at $7.95/month (this is crossed over)Limited-Time Offer: Get 25% off! (this was seen aso at the previous screenshot)
            My math says it would be 7,95 – 1.9875 = 5,96 a month x 12 = 71,55 a year
            webpage says:
            Now: US $89.55 ($7.46/month)
            How come that the webpage gives me this price while email offer leads me to believe that the 25% is off from the present price 7,95 ? Am I mislead in my thinking? Something does not seem right. If geni promises 25% off why does it not really give it? I WOULD buy it for 71,55 a year but 89,55 does not seem 25%. Really appreciate your response.

          • Anonymous


            The amount shown in the email is the price for a 2-year subscription. With the discount applied, a 2-year subscription of Pro breaks down to $5.96 per month for a total of $143.10

          • Eike Urke

            Thank you for a reply. Should it not say it so then? It seems to be a bit misleading…  My guess is that you lose many clients as very few would start a discussion here to get to the bottom of this offer.They just disregard it as a scam.

            On another note –  I realise there are no free lunches, but the supscription is way too expensive bearing in mind that it involves a HUGE amount of work in addition to subscription. If it keeps people away then it becomes less attractive also for the ones who are addicted enough to pay that amount. :-/ I am the borderline case – give me a one year subscription for the price that the email suggested (on the first glimpse) and I am yours for a year. None I know would pay that amount.

            Maybe you could charge people also by months or even more flexibly.
            Is there a chance that you review your subscription policy to keep the world tree growing? Oh, and THANK YOU for inventing GENI in the first place and having it. Good luck in finding a reasonable balance between the interests of clients and business now.

            Merry Xmas!

          • Gpcapton

            I signed up for a 2 year Pro plan with the discount and paid 166.56, what’s with this. I want to use the discount to upgrade to lifetime instead. But by the time Geni help responses the discount will be over. I received the discount e-mail from Geni.

          • Anonymous


            Please send an email to and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

      • Piret Dahl

        I got the e-mail, but I can see no 25% discount either, neither when I enter using the e-mail link, neither going to “buy PRO” through the regular links inside Geni. I am using Estonian language too, just like Eike.

  • Alice

    In the beginning, Geni was wonderful – it allowed me to enter all my family history data from soooo many branches, plus add photos and documents for all to see and enjoy. Then, after I and countless others had done the same – boom! the door was every time I log on I get this nasty reminder at the top “you have exceeded your limit of 100 relatives”….yet we all created that information bank! If Geni had been smart, all of those original contributors would have been ‘grandfathered’, i.e. still allowed to retain their membership and privileges, as a token of thanks for our countless  hours of inputting, and, from the date they changed things, all new members would have only limited privileges. So, for me, Geni has changed from a positive to a negative; I never invite anyone anymore. In fact, sadly, I go on rarely, as I too, feel that I have been cheated, that I have been used. Plus, searches are useless as I do not have a membership to even access information which I provided!! Please re-think this, Geni.

    • Radka

      Nicely said. I contacted relatives, drew over 500 profiles and suddenly end. 100 members is low even for the ancestors. At the Well, to be linked with other relatives. If only he still did not call to add relatives to connect.

    • Sgknan2


    • Ingo OS

      I feel that I have been cheated too. Lifetime memmbership ??? … how long ? till next rule change :(

      btw, why i can’t log here with my geni account ??

  • Andy Adamian

    I tried to sign up for Lifetime Plus, but got enrolled into Lifetime Pro which I did not want. How can I cancel from Pro and sign up for Plus?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Andy,

      Please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you.

      • Gpcapton

        Don’t hold you breath trying to get a response from Geni, once they have your money thats the last you hear of them is my experince. George

        • Anonymous

          Hi George, 

          Priority support is given to our Plus and Pro subscribers. If you have a premium subscription, you can login and submit a ticket at . We’ll be happy to assist you.

          • Gpcapton

            You say you will be happy to assist me. But the question is when.

  • AP Ferguson

    I want to upgrade my nephew’s subscription as a gift.
    How do I do that?

    • Anonymous

      Simply click on the link above or go here:

      Type in your nephew’s name and include a greeting. Enter your billing information and click “Send Gift.” 

  • David

    Just to clarify -  if you didn’t get the e-mail (Geni notification turned off; Geni e-mails rejected by Spam protection, or whatever reason) – does that mean you can’t upgrade yourself at a discount?

  • Judi

    Amen Alice -  I was thinking of gifting a person   but  the price is still too hefty -  for  what  a family genealogisist uses it for -   for coloboration amongest family memebrs who are also forced to join -  or be limited to  100 profiles ONLY if they do not join a tree from what i am readin on diffeent blogs -  to  echo  Alice’s thought below  –  
    “….yet we all created that information bank! If Geni had been smart, all of those original contributors would have been ‘grandfathered’, i.e. still allowed to retain their membership and privileges, as a token of thanks for our countless hours of inputting

    merging  has all but come to a scretching halt  in my teee because of  so called “New  Improved Geni”  I have sat her for seveal months now awaiting mergs to occur and few roll in  this is a great hinderance to GENI’s goal of “ONE BIG TREE”

  • Jackie Carrier

    Why don’t you have a monthly payment plan? I would like to have the Pro version but I cannot afford to pay a big payment, a monthly payment would be a lot easier for me, and probably for several other members. Thank you, Jackie Carrier

  • Akshay Bangera

    You will be glad to know that  people in family-centric societies like India do not have Facebook accounts
    but have an account on Geni. When I started using Geni, it did not have a
    limit vis a vis the number of members a basic account holder could add. I could also  ‘search’ names of relatives, see whom the profile is managed by and collaborate with that person.

    What Geni has done now is that in addition to the 100 profile cap, I can no longer contact other members I think are related to me. NOT ALLOWING MEMBERS TO COMMUNICATE FREELY AMONGST THEMSELVES IS NOT THE HALLMARK OF A SOCIAL NETWORK.

    Geni took me on board on a covenant that it will allow me to add more that 100 members and allow me unrestricted communication with other members.It looks like Geni has gone back on it’s word.

    In all fairness, Geni does indeed the right to remuneration. However it is not fair to restrict users from freely accessing their own trees after having allowed them to build one. It takes time and effort.

    You could change your revenue model by posting advertisement in the basic accounts like most social networks do.

    With competition from sites like WeRelate, FamilyTree, etc. providing the same service, and software like Gramps, Geni can ill afford to play around with its users.

    • Gpcapton

      Thank you I will look at these choices you have mentioned.

  • Carol

    I also thought used to be good – it allowed my family to enter all their family history  from so many branches, plus add photos and documents for all to see and enjoy. Then – boom!  The door was shut and now every time I log on I get this nasty reminder at the top – “you have exceeded your limit of 100 relatives”, but my family helped to create that information. If Geni had been smart, all of the many original contributors would have been “grandfathered, i.e. still allowed to retain their membership and privileges”, as a thank you for our countless hours of adding information. On the day that they changed, all new members should only have had limited privileges unless they upgraded to a “plus membership”. Geni is not as valuable to me as a site anymore. I also feel that my family has been cheated! What were you thinking, Geni?

  • Guest

    I received the email that I can upgrade.  I want to get the lifetime pro for $312.75.  The only option the site is giving me is to “SEND GIFT”.  I want to give it to myself but it won’t let me.  Instead it says PLEASE SELECT A RECIPIENT”.  I tried to put my name under “Give a Geni Pro Account to:” and it will not accept my name.

    • Anonymous

      Please send an email to

      • Guest

        I did send an email to but I’m worried because the subscription ends today and I have not heard from anyone.   I just want to be reassured this discount does not just apply to other recipients.  You can also get it for yourself…right?

    • Nicholas

      Don’t waste your money on a Geni subscription. The only way we can reverse this unexpected injustice is to starve them of new funds.

  • Annika

    Is it possible to cancel a gift? Someone accidentally sent me the PRO account as a gift, but we did not really understand that it is a gift that means that the sender wil have to pay. I wanted to check if I can try the PRO for free for a while (it is also named as gift in some instances), but accidentally we sent the account as a gift to me.

  • Asi Look

    I tried to upgrade to geni pro and did what I had to do but failed to become a pro member… I wonder why?

  • Alvin

    So I’m thinking of buying a subscription, if I do, will the people I have currently invited to my tree be able to add people if I’m over 100 names? Or will they also have to sign up for the own subscription? Thanks, Al 

  • Guest

    Got the email “For the next 12 days, we’re giving you the chance to upgrade to any Geni Premium Account for 25% OFF!”  No mention of gift to other recipient.  Site is still not allowing me to upgrade without putting another recipient.  I am assuming all the problems will be resolved on Dec 27th since no one is responding now (?). 

  • Koosvanwyk

    My wife gave me the 25% off gift and forwarded our credid card details The pro-icon appears behind my name in the tree but I am still blocked What now ?

    • Anonymous

      We’re investigating this issue.

  • Greg

    What a shambles! 

  • Michele

    I don’t know if I am still in the “honeymoon” period, but I have been a Pro member for over a year, and so far have not had too many problems, other than “pilot error” by other users. I personally, am happy to continue contributing to the tree, and being a member for the moment.

    After the first frightening wrong merge, I have settled into a pattern where I can confidently fix up most merge errors I have found.

    I have had relatives who were Geni members long before I was that are now leaving in droves, however. 

    It would seem very unfair and dishonourable of Geni to deny those who have entered so many profiles to have access to them. It contradicts your original agreement – a contract of understanding – that you would do so.

    One of my most unhappy relations told me that whole sections of their tree were “removed”, and so many incorrect merges were made that his grandfather was merged with a grandson of that profile, making a right-royal mess. He currently has nearly 50 merges pending, but will not approve any more as he is sick of the problems and losing profiles. He has basically abandoned his section of the tree, which is sad.

    I think that the Geni Pro rights must be reviewed to allow for the ignorant users amongst us that do not respect the limits of their own knowledge and research skills.  In their enthusiasm, I have had other users merged two of my uncles – effectively killing the surviving one and negating the existence of my poor uncle (of the same first name) who died in WWII. Luckily, I noticed and was able to restore, but they clearly had different dates and places of birth and one was deceased and the other living, so I am amazed how it was requested and approved – it means there were two idiots who can’t read!

    I think it would be prudent for Geni to review their latest “improvements” to the system, and stop alienating the true family historians, who are generally so well informed and careful with the data they enter.

    Can you not have an auditor of sorts who can respond to and review bad merges? It would help to pinpoint problem users who may be habitually making merge errors and wrecking the tree.

    To continue in the way that Geni is going, will lead to a “rotten” tree – surely you want the integrity of the profiles to be maintained?

    I would hate to have to make the entire tree private, as my ancestry is currently running at 214 with 19,079 blood relations, and I love the ethos of building the one world tree.

    I use primary sources for all of the profiles I enter, including government records and newspaper extracts. Perhaps there would be value in offering some researching guidance or training to users when they engage with Geni? 

    Thanks for considering the above.

  • Rim as Vai tauskas

    Dear Geni. We understand that you need to get certain revenues and monetize the business. However, please, understand that putting restrictions is not a good way to attract new people. You need to be more flexible and to use a combination of low cost membership and ads.

    As of now, elderly family members and the ones that are less committed are not attracted to the current model where pretty much everything is restricted.

    Some flexibility is needed. Many people would come to more often if they would be able to see the relationship between them and other relatives.

    Please,, if you read this please submit the comments of the people above to someone who can make decisions.

    Proposed models and ideas:

    1. Pro – Life time. I have no problems to see the ads.
           – Ability for Pro members to issue temporary passess for family members to do searches.

    2. Monthly plan, supplemented with the ads.

    3. Free model should allow one or two daily searches.

    4. Different pricing models for different regions. In certain countries monthly Geni Fees are just too expensive.

    Comon guys, you have better data than Facebook, but you still have no clue how to monetize?