Geni’s Back

Posted March 2, 2007 by Geni | 23 Comments

The Geni site is back up!


  • Jean

    I´ m not sure. But the recently added, recently joined, and recently modifyed lists aren´t chronolgically anymore. It would be nice to habe a time stamp, so I could see, when somebody changed something.
    One more thing: I´m Geni-addicted ! :D It´s soo great. Thanks for this site !

  • Yves Ernotte

    Great site.
    Two comments:
    1)Since last update, all mails contains ‘localhost’ instead of your site URL.
    2)Avoid sending password by email

  • JJ

    Please make multiple families relationes avaliable. For example when two brothers married two siters, and have kids. It’s for avoid making 2 entrys of the same person. Thanks, sorry for my english.

  • Janice M Scales

    I have a half brother to my 3 older children. How do I add him to my profile?
    How much is your stock shares? I’d like to invest, if possible.

  • Sean Feeney

    Full text searching of all fields (not just names) would be great! Also, I second a previous comment on adding a “Cause of Death” and associated medical history fields.
    Some work needs to be done on the current name search too. Sometimes when I type in the exact name the result doesn’t come up at all, but if I only type a partial name it comes up right away. This may be a conflict with Display Names vs. Married Names vs. Maiden Names, I’m not sure.

  • Clare

    This site is great, but one thing I would like to see is a way of adding captions to pictures to identify who is in it and what is going on.
    Thank you!

  • Pete

    Maybe I missed it, but I am concerned about the ease of addition/deletion of information. If a bitter ex-wife or obnoxious cousin can add or remove anything, how can the data be protected? I would hate to put hours into this only to have it gone on the next login…
    Is this something that has been/will be addressed in the near future?

  • Rachelle

    I am having difficulties getting photo’s to upload. Any ideas to help??

  • Petra Spithost

    Very addictive… together we filled my tree with 2769 persons sofar. We encounter however the same problem mentioned before… a man marries a woman, she dies and after that he marries here sister. And going through different family trees… ‘meeting’ the same person in the past… how to connect those two?
    The search option will not search trough all 2769 people unfortunately. So I was able to connect myself to my great grandfather’s third cousin’s daughter-in-law’s grandfather’s thirtieth great uncle’s twenty-ninth great grandson, but now I can’t find him again through the search option.
    Ofcourse a big wanted feature after these options would be to connect to trees of other geni-members…
    Furthermore it is easy to get a lot off people enthousiastic, so the tree fills faster then I ever could hope for. Spoken to a nephew I haven’t seen in 30 years, discoverd relatives in my clientele etc. Very nice!

  • Summer

    More suggestions blah blah blah you get tons of these I am sure.
    1. I too worry that I have some family out there already on Geni that I can’t link too…a family search feature for others would be great.
    2. Able to make a “Friend” family tree. Somewhere I can chart my friendships and crushes. Maybe have it be on a time line starting when I was born, then I can ad people at certain dates/or general years..then have those be chainable (like Summer and Amy meet TOM on this date, new friendship begins). Instead of divorced, just substitute “ended/bad terms” and instead of seperated “hiatus” for when you loose contact or drift away. Instead of children together you can have memories or fights together (we went to disney together! ect). I guess I just want to introduce my family to my friends and vice versa. Nah..I just want to add all my friends!
    3. Maybe have a tid bit section or mini quiz/didja know section you can add to peoples box. For instance I learned on of my grandmothers sisters was a nun!
    4. Testimonial type box you can add on someones page talking about memories you’ve had together/ect.
    5. Ability to add specific timelines and events.

  • Josh

    I think someone at Geni should blog something here every day… just a few words. You have a lot of people using the site, some even become fanatical. PLEASE communicate more. Status of the site, next features… even just a “hey, we’re listening” post. A blog should be more regular than once a week if you want to keep the spirit of communication with your users. takes 5 minutes once a day.
    Thanks for listening!

  • Alex

    On the family list page and the user history section of the edit profile page I would rather see last modified by rather than added by.
    It would be more relevant and useful to see who actually midified the information and give you some indication on who to check with if information is believed to be inaccurate or if you would like to get more supporting information.
    Great service love the recent updates. Keep up the great work.

  • ajadoniz

    I would like to see an offline product that allows us to modify our online tree and upload the new information once we’re connected.

  • Cary

    This is the most exciting site i have seen for years!
    How do I add a video hosted by – I’d like to add a video of my bungee jump to my profile and video of the kids to their profiles for the Dutch relatives to see.

  • Jean

    A Forum would be nice. As so many questions and ideas are posted several times in the blog, and it is nearly impossibel to read everything on this way.
    A Forum could have categories like Geni-Help, Geni-ideas, genealogie-help, several different languages, different countries etc.etc….

  • Brent

    A couple of suggestions:
    1. An way to add ‘step’ and ‘half’ family members. For instance, trying to add a half-brother defaults to my mother and father. Sometimes I don’t want to incorporate all my step-relatives just to be able to produce my half-relatives.
    2. An easier way to manage your product suggestions would be nice. Rather than having to read the entire blog and comments, it would be easier to search for them in a Group/forum or wiki setup (perhaps similar to Google Groups).

  • Howard

    I think the site is wonderful, very easy to use.
    1 suggestion:
    The languages section only lists “Chinese.” As you may know, there are several languages spoken by Chinese, suggest you add the following (non-exhaustive list, but would be a very good start, cover > 95% of Chinese):
    Min Bei
    Min Nan

  • Randy Edwards

    Now this is Geni success:
    second great grandson’s daughter-in-law’s first cousin’s daughter-in-law’s ex-husband’s first cousin

  • J Wu

    Have family with 16 children. Drop-down lists for Profile’s Birth Order only goes up to 14. Please increase to 16 at least.

  • David Barber

    I would second the person who asked for more communication. A few more words, for example, about the improvements made in the last release.
    I’d also love to hear how you plan to monetize. We’re all putting a lot of time and energy into our trees, and it’d be a shame to have the site disappear one day, with all our stuff.
    Also, we know you’re working on certain features, why not tell us how that’s going?

  • Danijel

    Probably you already got this suggestion, but I don’t have enough time to check in all the comments :)
    Why don’t you work on a timeline for family trees? Either as a layer in the existing family tree (could be EXTREMELY hard) or a separate one, maybe to be able to show a chunk of or a whole tree on a chronological line… That could be very interesting and insightful.
    Also, would be nice to be able to add more details, connect people better… Captions on pictures are a nice start, as would be a family album, maybe a separate part of the site that would aggregate comments, stories etc. into a nice family album…
    Just my 2 cents…

  • Eric Johnson

    For me the biggest reason why not to use the site is that the database is proprietary, The only way to access what I enter is via a web/flash interface.
    So I’ll consider joining and contributing data only after I can be assured I can get my data back in some standard universal format (e.g. .GED). In other words, my own data is not really mine even if I toil and bother to enter it…
    Thanks for listening.

  • Vladimir Velkov

    Please fix the cyrillic fonts. They are not working anymore