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Posted March 16, 2007 by Geni | 19 Comments

We are working on new privacy settings here at Geni. These settings would allow you to control who can see your profile.

We’ve posted a screenshot of what we’re considering at the Geni Forum.  Please take a look and give us your opinion.  You can click here to go to the specific topic.



  • R Daniel Sirois said:

    Is there ever going to be a function that can link children with family members for interfamily adoptions… I was legally adopted by my birth mother’s older brother.

  • David Sutherland said:

    My Top Three Features Requests I’d Really Like To See Implemented As Soon As Possible:
    (Yes, I am single minded in this regard.)

  • BMT said:

    Interface in other languages? in French for example?

  • Ben Guthro said:

    I agree with Davd on this one. While viewing the tree is a very good user interface, inputting the data is quite simply slow, and cumbersome waiting for the page to reload. This is especially true if you are attempting to input a full dataset on an ancestor beyond name, and relationship. GEDCOM input / export would allow me to edit this data offline, or input from a third party. I would then be able to use your tool to view this, and share it with my relatives. However, until GEDCOM input becomes a reality – I find the interface frustratingly slow – such that I don’t want to bother with it.

  • Odd Olsen said:

    When can we have Geni in more languages? Fore example Swedish. My mother loves the program but her English isn’t very good. I think a lot of older people would like to use the program if it was in there native tongue

  • regina pontes said:

    two things.
    1) is there a way to “print” the tree? I’m organizing my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and this would be great to have up on the wall and have everyone sign!
    2) I know this my sound stupid but can we have little boxes for “beloved pets?” That would be a very welcome addition!

  • [_DefToneR_] said:

    Hi there, first thanks for the great page.
    I´m here to report and “bug”. In my “geni” have a link saying (under “Your profile is XX% Complete”) “+Edit Your Profile +1%” when i click there, say “not found”.
    And one Feature request is for put description on the pictures that i add.
    To say something like “hey.. I´m the stupid on the top of the right!” or “this picture was taked on 1985…”
    thanks again

  • Lalit Bhagat said:

    Excellent site. Can you generation number! For eg., Father (1 – Root), Son (2nd Gen.), Grand Son (3rd Gen.), Great grand son (4th Gen) and so on.
    Can I have software at cost, which runs independent of internet!
    L. L. Bhagat

  • Seth Wheatley III said:

    I have entered a distant relative and now when I look him up and go to Show his Tree – it doesn’t show any entries and says Undefined’s tree.
    I can go to his wife and look up the tree that way & I can go to his grandfather but there appears to be a bug somewhere.
    Please advise.

  • santiago munne said:

    One of the resources that you provide (or is just advertisment?) named is a rip off.
    I’ve tried to locate family menbers in SPAIN, and for the feature “people search” it ask you to give the state … in the USA!!!. All searches go back to information in the USA, nothing on Spain. Miltirary records refer to Cuba!.

  • David said:

    When determining the order of birth for siblings I noticed it only goes up to 14. My grandmother was one of 15 children. I would like to see this number increase so that large families could more acurately be depicted.

  • Martin said:

    Is there a way to send an singe email to everyone on my family tree at once?

  • Bill said:

    One thing I find critical as a researcher is documentation of Source data. There’s no way (that I currently see) to verify the information that others may be entering on Geni. (For instance, if my data provide one middle name for an individual, and someone else’s tree (which ties into mine) shows a different middle name, it would be desirable to check the data source from which each entry came.)
    Some sort of mechanism to designate source information for a piece of data would be welcome. If these data were hotlinks, so much the better.

  • J said:

    Please enable users to add more than three languages in their profiles. Thank you.

  • Andrea Mosconi said:

    The tree is rendered by flash, which uses vector technology to draw its data, right?
    Why not add an option to convert that same data into (for example) higher-than-screen resolution pdf, allowing then a print out…

  • pass said:

    Photos’ bottom parts are cropped in tree view (although they show as normal when entering the person’s details). Any chance of getting a fix for that?

  • Bernard said:

    My father is deceased and my mother still alive, but the terminology the system uses calls him her “former” instead of her “late” husband. They were married 56 years and this choice of words bothers Mom. Can that change be made? Can we have some control over which terms are employed to designate relationships?

  • Albert Benattar said:

    Is there a way to relate 2 persons that are twice on the tree. For example the sister of my grandfather married to her uncle (brother of her mother) The way it is now, the uncle appears twice; once at the level of his sister and another time as husband of his niece. Is there a way to show aconnection between both? (like a circular reference)

  • Albert Benattar said:

    My Family tree is over 1400 persons and many of them are in laws. When I search for a remote member I have to find the path to reach him through ancestor down to cousins and partners.. It would be nice and practical if an option to search by name would take me directly to the person. It would simplify the lookup process