Global Family Reunion: A.J. Jacobs Explains How the World is Related

Posted July 23, 2014 by Amanda | 3 Comments

The Global Family Reunion is only a year away and A.J. Jacobs has been busy spreading the word to all his cousins. AJ recently sat down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on HuffPost Live’s Thrive on Live to discuss his quest to hold the largest family reunion in history and the importance of knowing our genealogy. He is joined via video chat by Mike Mallin, MyHeritage’s Chief Product Officer, and genealogists Thomas MacEntee and Jen Baldwin.

AJ is inviting every one of his 7 billion relatives from around the world to join him at the reunion and become a part of history.

Will you be attending the reunion with cousin AJ? Join the Global Family Reunion project on Geni to meet other relatives and discover how you’re related to AJ! Anyone at the reunion with a proven relationship to AJ will get a bracelet and have the opportunity to take part in the record-breaking family photo.

Watch the entire segment in the video below:

Discover your connection to AJ now and join the millions of genealogists collaborating on Geni’s World Family Tree of over 78 million people!

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  • Carmilla5

    I so adore Geni & this was a great post/video. One question I have for Geni, why is it that you can find multiple ways you are related to someone, one minute I’m directly in liine related to George Clooney (swoon) like some 16th cousin and then when I check months later its no relation but through a husband of a cousin way back. I would think Geni would look to direct line vs unrelated line even if it is a shorter route. Anyway we can fix this? For instance one of my great g g grandmothers at one time is my ggg grandmother, then she’s related in a completely different way to her sister’s husband or something like this. I guess I”m really interested in the algorithm focusing on direct blood link or it gives you all the connections vs just the closest. Cheers.

    • geniblog

      Hi! We typically display the closest relationship to you. Therefore, if the marriage relationship is closer than the blood one, we would show that one. Also, keep in mind that people are constantly working on improving the World Family Tree by cleaning up connections, adding more information and merging duplicates, so it’s possible your path to someone like George Clooney may change over time.

      • Charles

        That makes sense. Initially I thought it should default to finding a blood-only link first, before looking for links by marriage – but then I thought it may display a married couple as 15th cousins or something like that, rather than husband/wife, which is obviously not what you’d want displayed! It would be nice to have the option to tick a “blood relative only” option when searching for connections, however.