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Posted December 1, 2011 by Amanda | 7 Comments

One of the greatest benefits of Geni projects is the collaboration and assistance from other passionate and knowledgeable users. We thought it would be great to bring some attention to one of Geni’s earlier projects, the Gravestone Photo Exchange project.

Gravestones hold a wealth of information for the genealogy researcher. Many genealogists trek through cemeteries hunting for their relatives graves, some traveling far and wide to find that new bit of information. However, in many instances, people are unable to afford to travel long distances. In that case, check out the Gravestone Photo Exchange project. Here you can find volunteers who are willing to travel to a local cemetery to help photograph your relatives’ gravestone for you. Check out the project’s discussions to see what areas already have volunteers. You can also sign up in the discussions to offer your assistance for a cemetery near you!

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Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Social Media Coordinator at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • Joe

    This is great, but I can’t help but wonder how is this different from Findagrave?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Joe,

      The project was created by Geni users who are interested in helping each other out. We’re helping to spread the word.

      Find a Grave is a great site too.

  • Renee already does a great job at this. Why don’t you just direct everyone to that site, which is already well established and well organized? Oh yeah, and all its features are FREE. I have contributed to that site significantly, in addition to my efforts on Geni. I don’t want to duplicate my efforts on either site, which is why each has their own purpose. You guys are turning into Netflix. One bad idea after another.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Renee,

      We like Find A Grave too. You can read our blog post announcing them as one of our record match partners . 

      The Gravestone Photo Exchange project was created by some helpful Geni users who are offering their services to assist others. This is just one of the thousands collaborative projects on Geni we’re highlighting.

    • JBButtrill

      May I suggest a compromise? Put links to on the Gravestone Photo Exchange project. Instruct geni users to search the Find a Grave site first. If the desired grave is not found, users can then request that a volunteer try to find the desired gravestone. When a gravestone is found, the photo should be “published” on Find a Grave with a comment left on the Gravestone Photo Exchange project. This eliminates redundancy and makes the photos available to both geni and non-geni users.

      • Joe

        That is just the thing though, Find A Grave already has an extensive network of volunteers and a pretty robust volunteer system.  (I participate from time to time in that volunteer network.)  That’s what struck me as being odd, not to mention duplicative, about this feature.  

        Truth be told, I’d simply encourage people to use Find A Grave as a research tool, and then as they find information on the FAG site, use the SOURCE feature on GENI to add the FAG URL to connect the two sites.

        If you can’t find the information needed on FAG, simply use their volunteer network to ‘ask’ if someone can take the pictures for you.

        Seems straightforward and would be a great partnership for GENI to explore going forward.  (Plug – I’d love to see more of an API between both GENI and FAG that provide real time cross linking of information, that would be the best possible outcome, IMO)

  • Geniwas goodsite

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