Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s turkey time! This Thursday, November 24, is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Traditionally, families and friends gather to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast together. While we all gather around to stuff ourselves with yummy goodness and give thanks, the holiday also poses the opportune time for some genealogical data collection! Here are five ways you can get gather some information from your family during the holiday:

1. Ask your relatives questions

Best place to start is to ask your relatives about your family history. See if you can found out names, dates and interesting anecdotes about your ancestors.

2. Share some of your research

You can share some of your genealogy research with your family. You may peak your relatives’ curiosities to learn more about the family. It may even help open them up to start spilling some interesting family tales.

3. Share photographs

Before your relatives get together, contact your family and ask them to bring over any old photographs they may have around. Sharing photographs is a great way to spark some memories. And to add some more fun, make it into a game. Gather some old pictures of relatives and see who can guess who’s in the photos.

4. Food!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, chances are that you will have some traditional dishes that have been in your family for many years. Talk about the food! What’s the history behind the dish? How was it passed down? Share recipes. You may be surprised by how many great stories are unlocked by food.

5. Give thanks

The holidays are about coming together and giving thanks for all your blessings. Take the time to share what you are most grateful for.

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving from Geni!

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