Hardworking Centenarian Still Going Strong

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Here’s a story that may put your work ethic to shame. In an interview with local Buffalo news station WGRZ, New Yorker Felimina Rotundo revealed that at the age of 100, she is still keeping busy working 11 hour days, six days a week at a local laundromat.

Hardworking Centenarian Still Going Strong

Image: WGRZ

Born in 1915, Felimina was a teen during the Great Depression and remembers it well. At 15, she got her first job working at a shoe factory in Annville, Pennsylvania. She recalled how difficult life was during this time, and how it helped shape her strong work ethic.

Felimina has worked in the area for nearly forty years, and recalls that when she first started, she only earned about 25 cents for washes. Now at 100, she attributes her longevity to keeping active. She says working at the laundry shop gives her something to do, commenting “too many old people are retiring too young.” For Felimina, her work helps keep her mind sharp and her body moving. And she gets to meet and interact with new people and customers everyday.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Felimina says she’ll continue working until she can no longer walk.

Watch her interview in the video below:

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