Help is Here! More to Come…

Posted March 12, 2007 by Geni | 10 Comments

As you may have noticed, Geni recently launched a Help section. There’s a link to Help at the bottom of every Geni page.  Later this week we will launch Geni Forums.  We’ll announce the launch on this Blog. We’ll keep you posted on our other exciting features as they are rolled out.


  • Debra

    I’m a new user to Geni but I already love it. I’ve only hit one little bump in the road. My mom was adopted and I wanted to add her adopted mom (and subsequent family) into my tree. It doesn’t appear to allow that at the moment. Can that be changed? I like seeing who my blood relatives are, but sometimes family is more than just blood.

  • kdaisley

    I haven’t gone through all the different comments, but I have a suggestion for an add on to the site – calendaring…
    I know we can add birthdays and anniversaries, but it would be great to add a calendar where planning can be done – say for family reunions!
    I love this site!! I am totally addicted. Thanks for all the hard work and developments.

  • Josh

    THANKS for listening to the pleading for more frequent blogging! Great to hear from someone there every day or so…
    Congrats on the progress, attention, funding, and usage! Well-deserved.

  • mark

    The email that is sent to people to participate is a bit unfriendly and suspicious (or so some have fed back to me). Is there any way I could customise it for my people?

  • Rém

    That’s not the subject but thanks for the awards ! It’s not very useful but it’s funny !
    By the way, I’m also willing to do some french translating …

  • Josh

    Anyone else having problems in the last few days where many photos on the tree don’t load and the box just says “Loading Photo”? Never saw this before, but now I have many people on my tree with that problem…

  • Carl

    I really like the site and appreciate your company making it available to us at no charge. I’ve already added about 180 family members.
    I do have a suggestion. Allow some editing of the invitation email. Some people who get the invitation don’t bother reading it all the way and then delete it because they think it may be spa..

  • Timothy Moinat

    Is it possible to have two brothers married to two sisters, I cannot seem to create a single lot of parents.
    Thank you for your work.

  • Vittorio Sismondo

    About Privacy. I think that you should not allow everyone to upload a picture in someone’s else profile. If someone has a photo of me or my family, he would better e-mail it to me and I’ll decide wether to add it or not.
    About Privacy again. I agree with people worried about the fact that anyone can cancel or edit profiles of people deceased or that didn’t join the tree. I suggest to give to the one who started the tree the right to lock and unlock the profiles for his blood relatives that didn’t join.
    For the in-laws the right of locking could be given tho the first one who accepted the invitation to join.
    Keep up the good work. Vittorio

  • Mike Ryan

    There doesn’t seem to be any way to add additional information on family members aside from date of birth, etc in the profile boxes. I am thinking it would be helpful to be able to note small amounts of info like how a person died, an outstanding achievement, and the like. Where can this be done in the currrent form?