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Do you know someone, living or deceased, that has made a significant impact in your life? Now’s your chance to honor those you love with a tribute video. The Tribute Network is hosting its 1st annual Tribute Video & Film Festival and you can participate! Create and upload your tribute video to a person or pet (alive or in spirit) who has and/or is making a contribution to your life’s journey. Your video can be of any genre you wish, be it comedy, drama, documentary, thriller, you name it. Now is your time to get creative!

Online Viewer Rating is scheduled to begin March 2012 and will run till September 2012. Check out The Tribute Video Festival page for video submission guidelines and festival details. The ten highest rated tribute videos will be judged by the Hollywood Tribute Video Festival Jury, which includes some amazing Hollywood talents.

Honor a loved one who has significantly contributed to your life’s journey and upload your tribute video to The Tribute Network and share your stories with others.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Tribute Network!

If you’re making a video for a relative, be sure to add it to their profile on Geni and share it with your family! And post the link to your video in the comments to share it with the Geni community. Have fun!

Click here to visit The Tribute Network


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