Honoring the Past: Jewelry and Your Family Tree

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If you’re lucky enough to have tons of old family photos stored in your home, chances are they are tucked away in a box, perhaps in a closet, never to see the light of day. Your old family photographs are just waiting for you to bring them to light in a creative, unique display in your home. Check out how a few crafty folks have created some beautiful pieces of jewelry to display their family history to their family and friends!

Wearing your family tree

Photo: Ashley Gilreath

Here’s a beautifully unique way to showcase your old family photos. Artist Ashley Gilreath specializes in creating pieces that fuse heirlooms to illustrate their story and their family history. The necklace elegantly displays her family tree accented with photos of her ancestors.

Is that the time?

Photo: Laurie at My Home For The Holidays

Another cleaver idea comes from My Home For The Holidays blog. Laurie’s imaginative idea to repurpose old watches brings new life to old family photos. Now you can carry a different relative with you everyday!

Cufflinks for Him

Photo: PhotoJule @ Etsy

And it’s not just women who can showcase their ancestors either. To complete their attire with an extra special accent, men can wear customized cufflinks with pictures of their ancestors. It’s perfect for family occasions and weddings.

What do you think? What creative ways have you showed off your family heritage?

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