Horizontal Tree and Advanced Add Node

Posted November 1, 2009 by Geni | No Comment

We’ve added two new features to the tree: a five-generation horizontal tree and an advanced add node form.

The horizontal view is an easy way to see a profile’s ancestry in a
compact format and it makes tree building much faster. You should not
have to wait for a tree redraw after adding a node.

The advanced add node form, which replaces the "more" version of the
add node form, allows you to add a node with almost all of the standard
profile attributes, including middle name, occupation, place and date
of birth/death/burial, and cause of death. You can also add a birth
order (this is limited to nodes who already have siblings or parents).

Switch to the horizontal with the chart icon in the lower right of
your tree. You may switch between the views at any time. Switch to the
advanced add node form by clicking "more fields" in the lower left of
an add node form. If you've previously switched to the "more" version,
you'll now see the advanced form when you click a yellow arrow. The
advanced add node form is the default in the horizontal view.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on the preview of these
features. We've added single field location entry to the form, which
will make it much easier to enter places of birth, death, and burial.
We've also fixed a number of small problems you found.


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