How-to: Timeline and Events

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The response to the new Timeline and Events features on Geni has been tremendous. You may have noticed stories about your family creating new events in your Family News; perhaps you have added some events to your own Timeline. Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of this feature:

1. Add yourself to events: Wherever you see an event click on the name of the event to view the full event page. From there you have two ways to add the event to your own timeline:

  • I was there – Use this link to add yourself as an attendee if you were present at the event. Once you have added yourself as an attendee you can upload photos and add them to the event.
  • I wasn’t there, but I’m a fan – Use this link to add an event to your timeline if you were not at the event. You can use this to display significant events on your own timeline, even if you weren’t part of the event.

2. Add your photos to events: Event pages are a great way to collect and share everyone’s photos of the significant moments in our lives. There are two ways to add your photos to an event:

  • Add photos to the event page – When you click the ‘add photos’ link on an event page you have two choices. You can upload new photos or browse your existing photos. Select the photos to add and they will automatically appear on that event page.
  • Upload new photos – Use the ‘Event:’ drop down menu when you upload new photos to add the photos to a new or existing event. These photos will be added to the selected event and anyone tagged in the photos will be added as an attendee.

3. Create new events: You can also add new events to your timeline – and just like other profile information, you can add events to other people’s timelines. This is a great way to help build your family history. Use the ‘Add more details’ link under a person’s timeline (on their profile) to add an event.

Hope that helps you get started with our new Timeline and Events features on Geni. Visit our User Forums for more help or to leave feedback.


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