How To: Invite Someone to your Tree

Posted March 8, 2011 by Geni | 12 Comments

One of the strong points of Geni is the ability to collaborate with your close relatives very easily. Today, I’m going to show you how to invite your family to work on your tree.

First, find the profile of the person you want to invite. Then, enter their email address in the field on their profile page, and press invite.
Step 1

Next, an email will be sent to that person. When they receive it, it will look something like this:
Step 2

When the click the “View Our Tree” button, they’ll be sent to a decision page that looks like this:
Step 3

Once they click “Yes,” they’ll be added right to the tree. It’s as easy as that.


  • Rolando

    I’ve found dozens of more distant cousins via Facebook, but I find the initial contact is awkward. Would be cool if Geni could allow us to say “here is your Geni profile, I’m your [n]th cousin [m times] removed,” or better yet, since people find genealogical terminology intimidating, perhaps “your [whatever] grandparent was my grandparent’s brother/sister.” And then “come join Geni and meet the rest of the family.”

    • Anonymous

      Rolando, you can always share your path to them when you’re a pro member.

  • u00d8ystein Garnes

    This is actually both good and bad. It’s good when someone gets involved, but very often they only log in once. And once they have logged in, they have taken control of their own profile, and no merges can be done without their approval…. which they will never give, because they never log in.

  • Liivi Murumets

    The simple Yes / No question is not cool at all, especially for someone who is not a Geni user yet. The answer really depends on the tree, doesn’t it? I understand Geni may want to prevent private tree views being made available by simply sending an invite but it would really make inviting distant relatives a bit more easier.

  • Sabinecharbit

    ok, so i got the invitaion and i accepted it, and i’m now on the tree and i still cannot change anyhting or edit! what do i do now???

  • Mark Stokes

    I have added a profile to my tree and I want to invite him to the family tree but I don’t see the invite button any more – can anyone help?

    • geniblog

      Hi Mark, it’s possible you may have already invited your relative. Could that be the case?

      • Mark Stokes

        I can’t see how that would be – I haven’t put the e-mail address in anywhere?

        • geniblog

          Can you post the link?

          • Mark Stokes
          • geniblog

            The profile is marked deceased. Was this in error? Once you update the living status of the profile, you should be able to invite your relative.

          • Mark Stokes

            That makes total sense, but I don’t know how that could have happened. Thanks – I have brought him “back to life” and invited him!