How To: Make Your Geni Tree More Active (Part 3)

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Step Five: Send Reminders

It is possible that family members overlooked your initial
invitation and accidentally deleted it. Therefore, if a few weeks go by
and they did not yet join, you may want to send them a reminder
invitation. To do this, go to the Invite page, by clicking on the
Invite link in the upper right hand corner of any page within Geni.
Then click the Invitation History link. This will direct you to a page
that displays everyone that you have invited to your Tree. You will notice
beneath the ‘Status’ column it will state the status of your
invitation. If they have not yet accepted your invitation then you will
see a ‘Remind’ button in the ‘Action’ column. You should remind family
members periodically to give them another chance to accept the
invitation, in case they accidentally deleted it the first time. Also, if you
send reminder invitations a few times and they still do not respond
then you may want to call them and make sure that they are receiving
them. You can tell them that it’s you sending them and they should
accept it. If they are not receiving them then they should make sure
that they accept emails from and if the problem persists
then they should contact

This guide of how to make your Geni Tree more active was compiled
from feedback amongst some of the most active Trees on Geni. We feel
that if any of you follow these same steps you too will successfully create a fun and
interactive family environment where building, sharing, and preserving
your family history will happen that much quicker and that much easier.


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