How To: Remove Relationships

Posted April 7, 2011 by Geni | 5 Comments

Sometimes relationships between two profiles are made by mistake. With the tools available to you with Geni, it’s easy to remove relationship while leaving the profile in tact. Here’s how:

Step One: Flip the node in the tree view, and click the edit button.

Step 2: Go to the Relationship tab, and check the applicable boxes on the profile you wish to remove the relationship from. When you're finished, click "Remove."

Use caution, though. Removing relationships can split the tree into two. Sometimes that isn't the intended result. The window will turn red if the selected relationship removal would split the tree.

Relationship removal is a pro-only feature (With the exception of splitting a cycle). If you’d like to remove a relationship, you can always start a free trial of Geni Pro.


  • Deepestbabyblueeyes

    are these the ones you have added or can anyone remove items others have added. If so that is crap cause some familys that have divided dont want to have there info on the others tree an therefore remove this from the list, making the others an incomplete list

  • Sharijob

    What is the best way to fix a tree that has a person in the wrong generation. If it is my tree I can fix it. But there are a lot of mistakes out there in trees that connect to me. Too many repeating names in a family tree can be a royal pain.

  • Mats

    When trying to remove a relation the remove button is disabled (gray shaddowed) so I cant click it

    • geniblog

      Hi, relationship removal is a Pro feature (with the exception of splitting a cycle). If you are a basic user and would like to break a relationship in the tree, you may reach out to a volunteer Curator for assistance