How To: View Your Family’s Timeline

Posted March 17, 2011 by Geni | 10 Comments

When did your great grandparents get married? Which one of your uncles was born first? Once you and your family have put the information into Geni, you can then access that data very easily with the Family Timeline.

If you’re only interested in certain parts of your timeline, you’re in luck. It’s very customizable.

1. You can change the date range (ex. 1908-2004) with the slider in the red box.
2. You can change which people appear in your timeline (ex. You, Your Ancestors) with the checkboxes in the green box.
3. You can change the kind of events that will display (ex. Births, Marriages) with the checkboxes in the blue box.

It’s as simple as that. Whenever you need to sift through your family’s history, the Timeline is the place to go.


  • Ray

    Is it possible to choose date earlier than those in the range bar?

    • Anonymous

      The scale is based on your max family group. (4th Cousins and Closer) So that means it goes up to your 3rd-great grandparents.

  • dp

    The family timeline is very cool!nnOne comment on the individual timeline. I’ve always thought it should include death of parents, spouse & children when they happen within the person’s lifespan. For most people these are major life events.

    • Joe Buttrill

      I agree with you. I accomplish this by adding the needed profiles to the event. For example, for the death of a husband who dies before his wife, I attach the profile of the wife to the death event of the husband–Geni automatically attaches the profile of the husband to their death event. Similarly, for the death of a young child, I attach the profiles of the parents to the child’s death event. The events then will appear in the timelines of each person whose profile is attached to the event.

  • Joe Buttrill

    What might be useful is a timeline that included all of the events associated with profiles in a direct line of descent, e.g. a timeline of events between me and my 2nd geat grandfather. Such a timeline would include all of the events associated with my 2nd great grandfather, his offspring who was my great grandparent, their offspring who was my grandparent, their offspring who was my parent, and me.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks the suggestions, Joe.

  • Tss Esx

    There seems to be a problem with the formula used for calculating age in the Timeline.u00a0 Has anyone else experienced this?u00a0 It the age is shows for my parents at their time of death is totally incorrect.

  • Punkjones

    I can not get my family pictures on Timeline—I had my family pictures showing on my other facebook profile–why did you leave my family pictures off Timeline–I want my family pictures on my Timeline profile.

  • Punkjones

    I want my family pictures on Timeline profile like it was on my original facebook –why did you take my family names & pictures off Timeline. I want my family names & pictures on my Timeline profile—I did not ask for Timeline–I want my original facebook back –I did not ask for Timeline—I want my family names & pictures on Timeline.

    • geniblog


      I’m having some trouble following your comment. You can add family photos here or include pictures for each event on your Timeline.