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We’re thrilled to announce massive discounts on DNA tests. As technology for DNA analysis has advanced and hit the mainstream, DNA tests for genealogy are now much more affordable. Today we’re happy to say that we are passing on these savings directly to you.

With a simple cheek-swab DNA test, you can be on your way to making discoveries you never knew were possible.

  • Discover your origins and find new relatives – DNA matching can locate relatives based on your DNA, including relatives you never knew you had
  • Extend your family tree deep into the past – DNA can help you go further back in time than the paper trail of historical records typically allows
  • Solve lifelong mysteries – DNA can help you overcome “brick walls” in your genealogical research that have eluded you for years

Geni’s partner Family Tree DNA is the global leader in genetic genealogy, which allows us to bring you the highest quality DNA tests and services available in genealogical DNA matching. Family Tree DNA is a pioneer in genetic genealogy and has established the world’s largest DNA database (more than 665,000 DNA records). This means you will have the best chances for successful DNA matching when you test with Geni and Family Tree DNA.

Order Your DNA Test Now

You can choose from a wide range of DNA tests available on Geni, with each specialized for a different objective that may help you find the answers to the questions gnawing at your family history research. The Y-DNA tests are useful for identifying deep ancestral origins of your direct paternal line; mtDNA tests are for exploring your direct maternal line; and the Family Finder test is great for finding relatives across all lines via autosomal DNA and for providing a percentage breakdown of your ethnic roots.

Now is the time to take advantage of these super savings. The popular Family Finder test is now available for only $99 instead of $289, saving you over 65%, and making it the highest quality and least expensive autosomal DNA test on the market. Geni Pro members enjoy an even further discount of 10% on all our DNA tests. Thus for Pro members, Family Finder is available at the low cost of $89.10! Not yet Pro? Now is a great time to upgrade and get the lowest prices for our DNA tests yet.

We’re also offering deep discounts on the following combo test kits, which were created for users seeking to get the most value from DNA: Y-DNA37 + mtDNAPlus, mtFullSequence, Family Finder + mtDNAPlus, Family Finder + Y-DNA37, Family Finder + mtFullSequence and Comprehensive Genome.

All tests are used for genealogical purposes only and do not analyze any disease or medical information. Privacy is strictly enforced. The results are analyzed in an advanced genetic genealogy lab in Houston, Texas and are not shared with anyone but you.

If you have any questions about our DNA tests, please read our detailed DNA FAQ.

Curious to find out what DNA tests can uncover about your heritage and family origins? Check out all the DNA tests to find the one that best fits your family research needs.

Don’t miss out on this sale – order your DNA test today!

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