Independence Day by the Numbers

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This July 4th, the U.S. will celebrate its 236th Independence Day! On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. Two days later on July 4, its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, and declared the 13 American colonies independent states and no longer a part of the British Empire. Check out our infographic for some fun facts to help mark the holiday!

How will you be celebrating this Fourth of July?

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  • Patatlake

    What happened to Freedom, NH

  • HeatherRojo

    You forgot Freedom, New Hampshire!  Which is located near the Presidential Range of the White Mountains (starting with Mt. Washington, the highest in the northeast, there are mountains named for lots of presidents- even a Mt. Clinton!) 

    • Natalie

      Hello @35a034d2f63a156e407b88916c9de4d9:disqus  and @32aae3ee7ef758f15243e0e3570cde9f:disqus I double-checked the data from the Census Bureau and according to them, Freedom, New Hampshire is a county subdivision, not a city. We didn’t include county subdivisions in our listings – if we had, our lists would have been a lot longer. You both have great eyes for spotting it, though. 

      • HeatherRojo

        I don’t know what a county subdivision may be, but that sounds like a rather unincorporated or unorganized division of land.  Freedom is a real town, with its own town government, town meeting, school department, taxes, and police department.  It was incorporated as a town in 1831.  I have ancestors and current relatives living there.  Check the town website or Wikipedia.  I vote for Freedom as a town!  

  • Michael Elwood Pollock

    It seems improbable to me that Johnson is a more common surname than Adams. It would be nice to have a more specific explanation of what criteria was actually used to determine the rankings.
    If spelling variations of a surname are included, then several of the names listed should be ranked higher than they are. Variant spellings of Polk include Pollock (indeed, Polk derived in large part from the practice of Robert Pollock of Maryland, founder of the Polk family in the United States, of signing his surname “Pol’k”), Paulk, and Poague (I have seen records in Augusta County, Virginia, where Poague and Pollock are used in the same document).

    • Natalie

      Hi @8cd05e5d3a957905866bb0321081d604:disqus - The surname data came from the US Census Bureau and is available here: The rankings are simply based on the number of reported individuals with each surname, and it does not include alternate spellings, as each alternate spelling is listed separately.

  • Roberta Baum

    There is a street named Freedom Way in Weirton, WV, where I grew up.

  • Sara

    Where did you get the surname data?

    • Natalie

      The surname data came from the US Census Bureau. Their information on surnames is available here: