Interview with Henn Sarv

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Today, we are pleased to talk to Henn Sarv — one of our Estonian curators. He works hard at making the World Family Tree better for everyone, so we had a few questions. I’d like to sincerely thank Henn for letting us get to know a little bit more about him.

How has becoming a Curator affected your work on the Geni website? What results have occurred because of the implementation of curators?

Curatorship promoted my position in the community. People trust me more during collaboration.
Curator rights speed up my merging work.
Curatorship allows me the ability to help others more often. It’s very rare when someone ask some help, but I couldn’t.
Curator rights decrease the need to ask help from Geni help desk.
Curator status increased my responsibility.

What is, hands down, your favorite feature of Geni? Why is that feature so important to you?

My most favorite is collaboration. This is the reason why I use and like Geni.

If you could add one feature to Geni this year, what would it be? Why do you think it is important for our users?

Printing!!! Or creating reports in PDF. More capabilities without additional cost! At least for PRO members.

How long have you been doing genealogy? What did you use before you had Geni? What does Geni offer that previous tools didn’t.

From childhood. This is our family tradition. Before computers, we used paper documents. During the era of mainframes, we just used text.

Before Geni, we used some single-user genealogy software. Geni is actually the 1st internet-based genealogy solution I used. (Bow there is much more available, of course.)

What are some of the profiles and projects that you like the most? Why are you so fond of them?

I think that Ancient Greek, Merovings-Carolings, Estonian Culture projects, Bible trees — there are many.

And of course my own family and relatives. After finding connections to royal lines, I like to check, correct, and follow them.

Ancient Greek is one of my favorites from childhood. Bible legends (and other legends) have interested me a very long time.

Carolings and Merovings are interesting historical and PHILOSOPHICAL area

And my family – thats me!

Edited for the language barrier.