Introducing Following

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Today we’re introducing following, a new way to organize the profiles that interest you, control your notifications, and invite people you know to Geni.

Following a profile is as easy as clicking the follow button.

Click it again to unfollow the profile. Following a profile does a few things:

  1. You’ll receive updates about the profile on your home page.
  2. You’ll be added to the list of followers on the profile – this is a great way to find other users interested in the same profiles.
  3. The profile will be added to your auto-suggest list, so you can easily find profiles you follow in search, and tag them in documents, discussions, and more.

Note: Following does not affect privacy in any way. Following a user or profile does not give you any additional access to profile information. A user who follows you does not get any additional access to your profile or other information.

If you follow a user or profile that is not in your Family group, you will only receive public updates about them. You will not be able to view their photos, family discussions, or other private information and updates.

As part of this change, we have simplified your profile privacy. There are now two columns – private and public. Profile information you mark as private can only be viewed by users in your Family group. Public information can be viewed by anyone else. You can choose whether or not your Family can view your email address from your permissions settings.

For the small number of users that have used our Friends and Bookmark features, following replaces these features. We have automatically converted your friends to users you follow, and you are now following any profiles you bookmarked.

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