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  • Carol

    Over 1 year it’s no better priced than Geni Pro and gives you a fraction of the Pro benefits.

    • Nyesq

      Still really need the ability to import gedcom for both a new tree or part.  Suprised this isn’t offered.

  • Carol

    And there’s no free 14-day trial.

  • Carol

    I can’t see why you would go Plus rather than Pro unless you were really cash flow constrained.  And the solution for that is for Geni to reduce the monthly Pro price.

    Looks like a complete waste of time and resource to create this new product that is not really worth buying except in very limited circumstances, which could have been addressed far more simply by reducing the monthly PRO price.

    • Geni George

      We’ll see how it works out over time.  Until a few months ago, we hadn’t even offered a monthly Pro account for somewhere between 1.5-2 years.  We are constantly testing pricing and account types, and I doubt they’ll stay the same forever.  

      • Carol

        I don’t recall that you ever tested different prices – certainly not since last month’s drastic changes.  I would have thought that would be far simpler than a new product that may not have a market.

        I obviously think differently.  Maybe that’s why I am not in marketing.

      • Nancy Schumacher

        I need help… I have been trying to upgrade for a while now and unable to do so. Can you hekp me?

  • Stlandersons

    I see why you created the Plus account.  As a basic member, I have been building a large family tree (outside of my immediate family).  Now, I cannot add to the distant branches.  I am shut out unless I join as a Plus or Pro.  Being scrapped for cash, with college bills, I will need to wait about three years to add more in as a “higher level” paying member.

  • Nancy Schumacher

    I need help. I have tried numerous times to ujpdrage my account but therer isn’t a paypal or anyother payment tyoe on the screen.

    When I joined GENI there were no limits ti how many people you could have on your tree and there were no restrictions on how many ophiti’s. The line on top of my home page read: ”
    Your family’s tree has exceeded the Basic limit of 100 family members.” I have over 600 people on my tree and now you are shutting my access to add off. I still have family members to add. eavh day we learn of another branch in our tree and I am stuck now, because not only can I not update or add I can not invite the new members since they have not been entered yet.

    Can you hekp me?