Introducing Single Field Dates

Posted March 17, 2011 by George | 3 Comments

Between different conventions and different languages, dates can be a tricky subject for genealogists (and everyone else for that matter).  This week we introduced “single field dates” to help Geni users input dates without as much guesswork.

Setting your date format in Localization Settings

To set your preferred date format, go to your Settings page and click on Localization Settings.  You’ll see the following options:

For this example, I’ll use the YYYY MM DD format.

Entering Single Field Dates

First, it’s important to note that specifying a month as a word instead of a number will continue to work.  Once the date is entered, it will display in full to the right of the single date field.

Based on the format I chose (YYYY MM DD), we can see that the single date field is properly recognized:


This final example highlights an improperly formatted date (based on my preferred date format):

To note: You can use standard punctuation (dashes, commas, and forward slashes) in addition to spaces in your date fields.

Second note: This formatting is only for date input.  The display of dates is determined by your language setting (also on the Localization Settings page displayed above).


Post written by George

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  • Kmark

    Adding birth- and death dates still not working.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like a small bug. Our engineers are working on it.

  • Bonnie

    Trouble ticket #2453 was opened 3/17/2011 and has still not been resolved. Dates can not be entered and saved on existing profiles. However, if you are adding a new person, dates are accepted. This situation is extremely frustrating and many other people have reported the same problem. Please let us know what is being done to fix this issue and when you expect it to be resolved. nThank you.