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Posted December 13, 2010 by George | 7 Comments

In less than three years the Geni community has created nearly 100 million profiles, including almost 50 million that are part of the Big Tree.  Among all of those profiles, there are more than 3 million unique surnames on Geni.

Today we announce the addition of Surname pages to Geni.  Surname pages create a central point of discovery for profiles, projects, documents and discussions that are related to any given surname.  Geni users can follow Surname pages just like you can follow a Project or a Profile; you’ll be updated any time someone makes changes to the Surname pages you follow.

You can dive into the Surname pages by pointing your browser to:

The Surnames landing page contains some information about the most popular surnames, and a search box that allows you to easily find any surname that exists on Geni.  Once you search for a surname, you will be directed to a Surname page that aggregates information about that last name.

About Wikitext

Surname pages contain an About section with a description of the history and meaning of the surname.  The About section is Wikitext that can be updated by any users on Geni.  If your surname doesn’t have any About text, you can easily add some details about your surname to share with the community.

Following and more…

Surname pages make it easy to discover new information.  Each Surname page has a Follow button which allows you be updated as changes are made to a Surname page.

Below the Follow button you can easily browse to any discussions or documents where a profile with the given surname has been tagged.  It is also easy to browse through Geni profiles with the given surname.

All Projects that contain a profile with the given surname are listed at the bottom of the right-hand column, too.

Visit our Surnames landing page to explore this new feature.

Post written by George

George joined the Geni team in September, 2010 as Geni's marketing director. You can find him on Twitter where he never posts but is happy to respond: @georgegeni

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  • Chris M.

    Is there a reason my surname “McAnall” does not have a page? Is there a way to create one?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Chris,nnWe’re looking into it now. I’ll reply as soon as we figure it out.nn-George

      • Chris

        There is now a “Mcanall” Surname page (thank you!), but none of the 44 profiles show up on the page. Can this be fixed as well? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the surname page spelled “Mcanall” with a lower case “a” but the profiles all spell “McAnall” with a upper case “A” (the correct way). Thanks again for your help.

        • George Geni

          Hi Chris,nnI believe it’s because all of the profiles are set to ‘private’. I’ll look into this with one of our engineers tomorrow, I think we should at least show that the profiles exist even if they aren’t publicly available.nn-George

    • Anonymous

      Chris, we are working on a fix for this now. I’ll post another comment once it’s live.nnThanks!n-George

  • Bengt A

    It’s not working too well… We’re six persons with the same last name in the world (all entered into Geni of course) but only two show up on the surname page…

  • Anonymous

    We will release some updates this week that should resolve both of your issues. The “problems” are due to privacy settings on various profiles.